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Facebook Traffic Guidehttp://facebookmoneysecrets.co.cc : 

Facebook Traffic Guidehttp://facebookmoneysecrets.co.cc


EARNINGS DISCLAIMER The earnings that you actually experience will depend on the amount of labor that you put into your efforts as well as your ability, experience, education, market trends, search engine algorithms, and many more personal and external factors. We do not guarantee or otherwise promise that you will earn any particular amount of money. That said, it is possible to make money online. Making money from this method(s) is the personal experience of the author. Now more and more internet users are using this method and we hope that this method can also help you to make money.

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introduction Traffic is the key for the success of every website. Whether you are selling a product, service, or any affiliate program, without traffic, you can not succeed. You do a lot of things to get traffic. You might have tried the following to get the traffic:

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Yahoo Answers - Article submissions - Directory submissions - Forum posting - Video submission - Classified ad posting - RSS feed and much more… … and have wasted a long long hours. But, did you get the desirable traffic? No, Not at all! But, here I would like to explain you a method of getting tremendous traffic from Facebook. (visit now) There are millions of people using Facebook, today. NO doubt, it is a number one social networking website. If you check its ranking in Alexa (visit now) then you will find that it is in the world’s top 10 websites.

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It is having a very high potential so, everyone uses its different methods and experiment a lot to get traffic via Facebook. But my method is different. I did a lot of research on it, planned it and then applied it. Here you are having cream, by watching this video because I have described each and everything in detail, whatever I did to get immense traffic from Facebook. You will also see the screenshots of traffic, gmail account, Paypal account and much more relevant things. I would like to tell you that I applied this method Just 10 days ago and the results were TERRIFIC!!

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So, are you ready? 1. Ok, First of all you need to create a new account at Facebook (visit now) You might have an account already, but still I would recommend to create a new account. Fill all the required information etc. You can also insert a hyperlink to your website in your profile. 2. After you have created your account, you need to create a Facebook Group, it is very simple. Login to your account and visit group creation .

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The name of your group should be very simple and should depict, What this group is all about. I am suggesting few group names according to your niche. Niche Making Money Lose Weight Suggested Facebook Group Name Money Freaks Get Slim Now 3 Search Engine Optimization A-Z SEO services Tip: Name should be simple and easy to remember. Facebook Traffic Guide Make sure that you have mentioned and have inserted a hyperlink to your website in your Facebook Group. Write some messages, tell people about your group & website and post them in your group.

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The work related to making Facebook group is complete now. After creating your Facebook group and naming it, now you need to invite people, who are interested in your niche. Always remember one thing that if you invite 100 people daily then only 10 people will be joining you i.e. only 10%. This is the minimum figure, because I want to give you everything assured. So, If you want 20000 people joining your group, in a month, then you need to invite 200000 people in a month. Don’t you find it CRAZY! But, believe me, thereafter you need never to invite anyone. If your Facebook group reaches at this level, it will become autopilot and near about 100 more people will be joining you everyday, without any efforts. This is all based on my personal experience. Now, the problem is that to invite 200000 people in a month you need to invite 7000 people daily. Can you manage it? Don’t worry! This is the same from where the trick begins. We know that it is not possible to invite 7000 people one by one. But, what about all at once?

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Facebook gives us an option to upload the file containing email IDs of the people you want to invite. But, can you arrange daily 7000 new email IDs? Ofcourse Yes! Today, there are a lot of softwares available on the internet, which can harvest email IDs from the websites and blogs and can provide you. If you visit Google and find by using keywords like ‘Email harvester’ etc. then you will find many such kind of softwares. (visit now) I can name here, some of the softwares, in case you are not interested in searching. Softwares like Email Spider, 4

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I used Acute Email IDs Production Engine (visit now) because I found it the cheapest but still the most effective. Although, it all depends upon you which software to choose but, I have packaged this video keeping in mind the software I used only, and have no idea about other softwares. 6. Now, after you have Acute Email IDs Production Engine you are ready to have thousands of email IDs daily. It will be in your hands, how much email IDs you want. I used this software for 6 days only and got 15000 email IDs generated per day, you can generate more or less as you want.

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Now open your Facebook group page, there will be an option ‘invite people to join’ as shown in the picture, click on it

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At the next page, click on the option ‘Import Email Addresses’

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Now, to upload a file, browse & choose the text file in which you have saved the email IDs.

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Tip: You need to be patient, Facebook will take some time to upload and add the contacts.

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Facebook will show you all contacts added. Now press ‘Add to invite’ as shown below.

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. After adding all emails, write a decent, interesting but friendly message and just push ‘Send invitations’. Using this feature Facebook will send invitation to those people

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Your work is over!! Now, just wait for 24 hours, and the next day when you will open your Facebook Group you are bound to get amazed!! Thousands of people have joined your group and when you will check your stats then you will be shocked! There is a 7 tremendous growth in the number of Unique Visitors. It all depends upon you, how many email IDs you generate in a day and use it. The more email IDs you generate, the more invites you send, the more visitors will be there. Cheers!!! http://facebookmoneysecrets.co.cc

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