Energy Saving Tips To Cool Your Home This Summer

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You might be fed up of seeing your energy bills increase month after month, but don't worry we have some interesting ideas and tips to take away your worries. Do watch it.


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Energy Saving Tips To Cool Your Home This Summer

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Install a Smart Thermostat A smart thermostat allows you to automate and program temperature settings based on daily schedules weather conditions and heating and cooling needs.

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Adjust Temperature Adjusting your AC to 78 degrees Fahrenheit is the most efficient setting for warmer months. Any lower than this could increase your cooling costs by as much as 47 percent.

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Turn on Ceiling Fans When you keep your fans on it allows for more ventilation and air circulation. This way you wont have to run your AC 24/7 in turn lowering energy costs.

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Purchase Energy Efficient Windows These windows are made of two or three glass panes sealed in a single unit surrounded by a frame made from UPVC wood or another material. This cuts the intensity of heat reaching your home.

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Seal Up Cracks in Windows and Doors Heat enters through even the tiniest cracks and can heat up your home extensively. Sealing up cracks can ensure optimal use of your AC and efficient cooling.

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