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Discovering tut: the saga continues:

Discovering tut: the saga continues

Mummification and mummy of tutankhamun:

Mummification and mummy of tutankhamun

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King tutankhamun is assumed to be dead out of some accident or assassination.

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A mummy is a deceased human or other animal whose skin and organs have been preserved by exposure to some chemicals, in an extreme cold, very low humidity, or lack of air, so that the recovered body does not decay further if kept in cool and dry conditions. These dehydrated or dried out bodies goes back to at least 1615 AD. The etymological meaning of mummy is corpse, it is a Latin word.[word mumia].

Dr.Howard Carter with the mummy of tutankhamun…:

Dr.Howard Carter with the mummy of tutankhamun…

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KV62 is the Egyptological code for the mummy of tutankhamun.


THE PROCESS OF MUMMIFICATION- In the process of mummification, the brain is removed at first with a hook. The funeral undertakers then rinse the skull with some drugs. Then a incision is made with an ETHIOPIAN STONE and the major organs are removed and placed in separate jars After this the abdominal part is rinsed with palm wine and it is placed with some fragrant herbs. These herbs includes cassia or cinnamon and sandalwood.

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The body is further dehydrated by placing it in NATRON[ a type of salt] for 70 days. After this the Embalmers clean the body again and wrap it with LINEN and PAPYRUS bandages. Above it a gum is said to be applied , w hich is proven to be WATERPROOF and ANTIBACTERIAL. When these process gets over the body is given back to the family for their final rituals and the process is ended by placing it in coffins.

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It was found to be 9 layers of coffins were placed to cremate Tut…


FACIAL RECONSTRUCTION:- The predicted face of tut of national geographic by facial reconstruction….

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The valley of kings in which the pharaohs were cremated. The main entrance of the valley of kings

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The entrance of tutankhamun's tomb…. The tomb of tut inside the valley of kings….

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The funeral of tut along with his wife ankhensamun and the god of mummification –ANUBIS.

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Tut reaches ORISIS the god of after life…

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DONE BY- L.D.Darshini M.Madhumitha Ritu Panwar Abjam Nadarajan S.Sarunivedha Niharika Sharma.

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