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White Phenyle Manufacturing Process,


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White Phenyle :

White Phenyle Shiv Shakti Trading Corporation House of Chemicals

White Phenyle:

White Phenyle White Phenyl is manufactured by using Pine Oil. Pine Oil is antioxidant which helps in cleaning the air and cleans off the bacteria's spreading bad odor and cleans the stains. This benefit of the White phenyle is the limitation itself. To clean bacteria’s from the floor we recommend to add Preventol KMX. It will help to prevent coming off Cockroaches and Ants.


Ingredients Pine Oil QTY – 68 % Emulsifier OP- 95 QTY – 30 % Preventol KMX QTY – 2 % Pine Oil Emulsifier OP-95 Preventol KMX

Pine Oil:

Pine Oil Natural Oil Chemical classification : Mixture of Terpineols , Terpineolene and other noncyclic terpines Appearance : Pale Yellow Clear Liquid. Terpene Alchol % w/w : 30 % ~ 32 % (By Dehydration Method) Ash content : Nil Miscibility : Miscible in all preparation of chloroform petroleum ether, benzene and glacial acetic acid. Partly miscible in alcohol. Immiscible in water. Cleans air from the bacteria’s spreading bad odor It contains powerful disinfecting properties while being non-toxic and ecologically safe Used in Fertilizers also

Emulsifier OP-95:

Emulsifier OP-95 Appearance : Brownish Yellow Jelly Odor : Characteristic Odor Sp. Gravity : 0.96 Material Type: Natural Cosmic Chemical Chemical Character: Anionic with 9.5 mole Ph : 7 ~ 8 Flammability : Will Ignite if overheated Solubility: Miscible in water giving milky emulsion USES : WHITE DISINFECTANT PRODUCT . Textile auxiliaries. Agriculture as organic manure, Paper industry for deforming, Cosmetics as emulsifiers, Paints inks and as lubricants

Preventol KMX:

Preventol KMX Yellow Liquid Phenolic Odour RWC :- 200+ Boiling Point 195˚ C ~ 230˚ C Melting Point – 3˚ C Density 1.17~1.19 Slightly soluble in water Stable under normal conditions Note: This product is hazardous. Handle it properly. Avoid touch with skin. Use good Antiseptic cream .

Why Preventol KMX?:

Why Preventol KMX? Preventol KMX is highly effective bactericide used in the formulation of good quality disinfectants for either domestics or professional use. It boosts the disinfectant power of the phenyle . Its has 200 + RWC To get 5 RWC just add 2 % of Premix in White Phenyl and 2.5 % in Black phenyle . Mosquitoes, Flies, Cockroaches and Ants will not come in the area where the white phenyle is used using Preventol KMX. The effect of White Phenyle will stay more than the normal phenyle .


Process This is a cold process First Pour Pine Oil into the vessel Now add Emulsifier OP- 95 and stir them continuously The material should look clear, if not add little Emulsifier OP- 95 Now add Preventol KMX Stirring should be continuous till the Premix looks clear transparent. Now add 15 liters Water in the solution and stir properly Your 16 liters White phenyle is ready White Phenyl Note : Information given above is based on our general experience but due to many variable factors beyond our control, we do not guarantee the results in formulations adopted by users. Users are informed that they should evaluate in their formulations as per their requirement. We recommend testing every batch before use.


Costing Pine Oil: Rs. 135 / liters Emulsifier OP- 95 : Rs. 90 /kg Preventol KMX: Rs. 140 /kg Costing for one liter compound: Pine Oil: 680 ml – Rs. 91.80 OP- 95 : 300 ml – Rs. 27.00 Pre. KMX: 20 ml – Rs. 2.70 -------------------------------------------- Total: Rs. 121.50 Water is available free of Cost. Thus after adding 15 liter water the cost of 16 liter white phenyle is Rs. 121.50 So, basic cost of 1 liter White Phenyle is Rs. 7.59 /- Please note in the above price taxes and transportation charges have not been added. Costs like bottle cost, labeling cost, packing cost or any other cost that may be required has not been considered. Note: Above calculation is based on rates as on 20/10/2012. You are kindly requested to check for the current rates .

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