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Learn the 3 secrets to a top best man speech. Download your free best man speech guide at Unique Best Man Speeches. Includes a best man speech template, best man speech jokes and other information to help you with your best man speech Don't risk blowing your big speech on the wedding day - download our free guide today!


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1 THE 3 SECRETS TO DELIVER AN AMAZING UNIQUE AND FUNNY BEST MAN’S SPEECH See Our Best Man Speech Site For More Help ©Unique Best Man Speeches except for images

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2 THE STORY OF THE 3 SECRETS You may have already read this on our website I was once like you searching the internet to get the best lines to use in my Best Manspeech. I filled it with what I thought were some of the best most funny lines. It was a disaster. My speech was all over the place. It was clear I didn’t know what I was doing and had just found material online. Fast forward one year and another of my friends asked me to be his Best Man. This time I did my research. I got books. I got public speaking consultants. I got videos of Best Man’s speeches. However no matter what nothing really clicked – it didn’t make sense to me. Then watching the videos I had my ‘ah-ha’ moment. There were several unique things that the best speeches were doing. I watched several more of the better ones and I saw the same pattern. My speech was a huge success. Everybody was beaming especially me and I heard the words that I now help people around the world to hear “that was the best Best Man’s speech I’ve ever heard.” After helping out several of my friends who all had very successful speeches someone said to me “why don’t you write a book about this” So I did. Eventually Unique Best Man Speeches was born and here I now am helping Best Men across the world. Now the introduction to the 3 Secrets To An Amazing Best Man Speech…

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3 INTRODUCTION At our Best Man Speech site I already gave away for free the first secret to an amazing unique Best Man’s speech: don’t give a speech full of old used material from the internet. My site and the guides I sell were designed to enable you to give your own unique and funny speech. I passionately believe in helping Best Men everywhere which is why I am giving this short guide away for free. There are 3 other key secrets that will ensure that you give a unique amazing and funny Best Man’s speech. You will find more details on these throughout our main Best Man Speech Pack product including step-by-step instructions as well as a speech template to ensure that you apply them to your speech – meaning all you have to do is fill the template out and your speech will be ready If after reading this you can see the value that our service offers then please visit: http://www.uniquebestmanspeeches.co.uk/guide In the meantime this guide is meant to be short simple and concise. Much like your speech should be. So like any good speech introduction having explained what we are going to do now let us explain: what are these 3 secrets

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4 THE 3 SECRETS TO AN AMAZING BEST MAN SPEECH 1. Sincere-Funny-Sincere Structure A lot of best men fail in their speeches because they don’t know when to be funny and when to be sincere. They are funny at the wrong times. Or they are not sincere enough. Getting the timing of this correct is crucial to giving a top Best Man speech. There are several parts that go into each sectionthat all amazing speeches must have – I outline each in detail as well as providing a sample template for this in the main guide. This structure is the first and most important step to giving a successful speech. Without the correct structure you risk blowing your speech. It could contain the funniest material known to man but without the correct sincere parts to balance this out it might not go over so well – this is after all a speech at a wedding not a stand-up comedy show. On the counter side even if you don’t give the funniest speech ever the correct sincere parts to a speech will more than make up for it. The ultimate goal is having both the correct sincere parts and the best funny parts. I will explain this in detail how you get this balance correct in the main guide. If you master all 3 parts in your speech then you’ll have just given a top-notch unique Best Man’s speech that will be the toast of the day. 2. Mention The Bride Throughout Your Speech This might sound pretty straight forward and obvious but it’s not quite that easy. I don’t mean mention her once or twice. You need to mention the bride throughout your speech – in all the 3 sections detailed in Secret 1 above. ABest Man’s speech should be around 5-10 minutes long more than 8 minutes is stretching it but you might need time for Secret 3 below. Can you imagine listening to someone speaking for 5-10 minutes about the history of a person you’ve barely met before It probably wouldn’t be very entertaining or interesting right Yet this is what many Best Men do – focus entirely on the groom whilst completely ignoring the bride. I will repeat this many times in the main guide: remember that around 50 of the audience are there for the bride not the groom. If you ignore them the best you can possibly do is give an entertaining speech to 50 of the audience. You must frequently mention the bride in your speech – it is not just a roast of the groom. In the main guide I will outline the best times and ways to do this and the best stories to tell to succeed in this. It is not particularly easy but

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5 giving a great speech is not an easy task otherwise every Best Man’s speech would be amazing. 3. Don’t Talk For The Entire Speech The Twist This secret sounds a little strange. Why would you spend some time in a speech not talking – after all it wouldn’t be a speech if you weren’t talking However this is one secret that the top Best Man speeches use over and over again – they interrupt the speech so that they aren’t spending the full 5-10 minutes talking. How should you do this You are basically going to introduce a twist into the proceedings. We will explain how in the main guide.Again this is not particularly easy and that’s why I will elaborate more on this in the main guide. However once more if you master the timing and placement of this you will have given a top notch speech. HOW TO USE THIS INFORMATION This short guide was intended to demonstrate that at Unique Best Man Speeches my guides are not just producing the same old over-used lines you will find all over the place. I have genuinely researched Best Man Speeches and I know the exact formula you can use to give an amazing one. You can learn more at our Best Man Speech site. Our main Best Man Speech Pack includes the following:  A step-by-step guide outlining the formula to writing a speech using the 3 secrets above  A template that you can fill out and have all the necessary items for your speech in the right order and structure  Full coverage of all the Best Man Duties you should fulfil  Sample material and examples to guide you along the way  The 6 Golden Rules – what you can and can’t say in a speech  A speech preparation and public speaking guide We have a full money back guarantee. So you have literally nothing to lose. If this is not for you no hard feelings at all – I hope you enjoyed this guide and are able to incorporate it into your speech. Good luck on the wedding day. If you enjoyed reading this and would like to learn the next steps to applying these to your speech then please purchase my main guide at http://www.uniquebestmanspeeches.co.uk/guide

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6 I hope to help you hear these words: “that was the best Best Man speech I’ve ever heard.”

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