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We are dedicated first and foremost to saving you money. Secondly – to providing correct and up to date financial guidance that is unbiased and informative. Lastly, we provide an easy to use, independent comparison service that finds you the best and most affordable finance options available locally in the market.


Family, Wills & Education UAE Wills Guide A last will and testament allows you have a say about how your assets (and children) are divided in the event of your death. It’s a legal document that is both notarized and signed, and must be followed by the government that you currently reside in. Reasons Why You Need a Will as an Expat Intestacy, which is a term used to describe the in-limbo assets of an estate after the death of the estate holder, is not a word we tend to think or even care about. But if you’re an expat that lives in the UAE, it’s a word that you need to consider. Not having a Last Will and Testament in place could mean the complete dispersing of all your assets—most of which will never reach the people that you want it to go to.


TOOLS And CALCULATORS Credit Card (Minimum Payment) Calculator In the wake of the Great Recession, many people are looking for ways to recognise their finances. Most of them forgot professional help because they feel that it is too expensive and will only drive them further into debt. However, many of these people do not take full advantage of the resources that are easily available to them online. Savings Calculator No matter how big or small, saving money is an excellent routine to get into. Whether you are in the process of saving or just about to start, this calculator will put a time frame on achieving your goals. A few common examples are; saving for retirement, a wedding, a new car, or a deposit from a property.


INSURANCE COMPARISONS Health Insurance Health Insurance is one of the most essential types of insurance you can have in the UAE. Our Experts offer advice on a variety of Health Insurance products that will match your needs perfectly. With over 40 different insurance companies to choose from let our experts do the hard work for you. Cheap Travel Insurance If you’ve travelled extensively, then you’ve probably been asked whether you’d like to apply for travel insurance. What many travellers don’t understand is just how important this type of insurance can be. Not only does it offer peace of mind, it also protects you from extreme medical bills should you become ill or have an accident while on your trip.


Mortgage Insurance It’s likely you’ve never heard of decreasing term life insurance, also known as mortgage insurance. The goal of this type of insurance is to make sure that if you die, your family won’t be left without a home. In the event of your death, the home is paid off and your family retains the same living standards that they did before. Life insurance is a plan taken out with an Insurance Company to provide cover and protection for your family, loved ones or even a business or partners in the event of your death. Life Insurance UAE


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