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Top Maintenance Tips to Extend your Car’s Life Your car is undoubtedly one of your most valuable investments. And it is also something that you heavily dependent on for facilitating your everyday needs. With the kind of prominence a car holds in your life it is important to give it adequate care in order to ensure that it remains with you for a considerable amount of time. Whether it is an old car or a new one every vehicle requires certain maintenance to ensure it operates efficiently. Below we have mentioned a few car maintenance tips that can help you maintain the longevity of your vehicle:-  Keep it Clean It is one of the basic car maintenance tips to make sure your car always looks new as ever. Tree sap bird poop rain snow sand etc. often get on your car as you drive or park outside. When the dirt is left unwashed it can damage your vehicle’s paint as well as the metal. In fact some of the damages are irreversible and impact the resale value of the car.  Change the Oil Regularly A car’s engine comprises of various parts that tend to move very rapidly. An adequate amount of oil is required to lubricate the engine and reduce frictions between the moving parts. However over the course of time the oil breaks down and turn into a sludgy substance. This impacts its effectiveness thereby increasing the chances of damage to the engine. In order to avoid that it is

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imperative to regularly change the oil. This will ensure that the parts are well- lubricated and function smoothly.  Pay Attention to Those Minor Repairs We often tend to ignore the minor repairs but these little issues can become significant when left unattended. Whether it is an unnoticeable hum in the air conditioning or uneven tire wear it is important to get your car repaired timely to avoid costly repair expense in the future. This is one of the basic car maintenance tips that can help you save a lot of money in the long run.  Check your Tire Pressure Regularly Tires tend to get inflated within the 5 PSI of the recommended pressure levels. You can check the pressure level on the side of you each tire mentioned on the label on the door jamb or on the owner’s manual. Maintaining adequate tire pressure can significantly improve the gas mileage and the handling of your vehicle.  Park Under and Cover Sun is a factor that is often overlooked and can damage the surface of your car significantly so ensure that you park your car under the shade or in a covered parking lot. It will prevent bleaching the interior upholstery or damaging the exterior paint.  Drive Responsibly It might your fantasy to tear up the tracks but in reality that’s not practical or safe for you or car. Sudden stops and starts sharp turns high speed can put a lot of undue pressure on your car and impacts its proper functioning. So if you plan to use your car for a long time ensure that you drive safely and responsibly.  Strengthen your Time-Management Skills Most of the issues associated with your car’s mechanical parts surface from starting and stressing your engine and other components while cold. So try to accomplish as many errands as possible in one sequence to ensure everything stays warms and lubricated.  Be Thorough with the Owner’s Manual Every car has its unique needs that must be taken care of timely and adequately by its users. Ensure that you take due to time out of your schedule to go through the owner’s manual and strictly follow the maintenance schedules it recommends.

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Prolong your Vehicle’s Life Simply by implementing these car maintenance tips you can significantly increase life as well as the functioning of your car. Altogether it is important to ensure that you address every signs your car shows your repair even the simplest ones in order to avoid any costlier expense in the future and maintain the steady performance of your vehicle.

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