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Long long ago, in a house on the edge of a Village there live a kind woman,

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who had no children, she so wanted a child when it seems that all hope was lost,

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She decided to go and see a Witch..

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Woman : Help me I so want to have a child.. Witch : Why should I not help you my child, here is a Grain of Barley.. But not at all just plant it and you will see…

Slide 6:

The woman did everything the witch told her to do

Slide 7:

and sometime later Great magical flower blown up..

Slide 8:

And miracles of miracles the flower open revealing the tiniest little girl you have every seen, no more than one inch high..

Slide 9:

Woman : I always so dream of a girl, I should call you “Thumbelina”…

Slide 10:

Thumbelina’s vessel was made of a walnut and her blanket was a rose petal, she’s left in the gravel and in the day time she played on the table…

Slide 11:

Now one day the biggest ugliest toad you every saw, wonder to the window and hop right on to the table, Toad : woff my bride for my son..

Slide 12:

The Toad carry Thumbelina in the walnut down to the river and left her in a proof water lily…

Slide 13:

so that she could not escape, Thumbelina was very afraid, but she was even more panic when she saw her ugly husband to be…

Slide 14:

“Rebitt, rebitt” this would the only words that the young toad could much agreed his intended bride…

Slide 15:

And novel butterfly who happen to be flattering by caught sight, he caught her by a hand and saved her on those terrible terrible Toad…

Slide 16:

The soul of the river was sweet with the smell of flower, the butterfly turned around for just a moment to pick one for Thumbelina, but she was so beautiful and a male bug took and like him to her and stole her away…

Slide 17:

The male bug took Thumbelina to his favorite romantic spot he recited a poems that he knew and pick a flower and offer his heart and soul with no more to do…

Slide 18:

Then other beetles flew up… Beetles : Look at his twigs ha ha ha ha The male bug decided that they were right, don’t reed for Thumbelina…

Slide 19:

Thumbelina live the whole some alone all on her own in the woods she made a bed and sweet fallen and drunk dew…

Slide 20:

By and by autumn came and the rain’s fell and Thumbelina had to leave her leafy summer home…

Slide 21:

Thumbelina had wounded for a very long time when at length, she came across a frost swallow freezing to death…

Slide 22:

Thumbelina : oh little bird you cant fly away to a climbs, just like a will..

Slide 23:

Thumbelina cover the swallow with big leaves hoping it would get warm and be able to fly away…

Slide 24:

A field mouse which live in the neighboring barrow… Mouse : you are cold my dear come into my barrow you can warm your self and have a bite to eat…

Slide 25:

And so Thumbelina found her self in the field mouse barrow, before she had time to eat or even warm her self the field mouse neighbor Mr.Mole came to visit.

Slide 26:

Thumbelina had to sing and dance for him and then My.Mole had no time for the sun or flowers and say nothing of birds, he took a great like into Thumbelina..

Slide 27:

Thumbelina stole away from the field mouse barrow every day and went to see the swallow she brought him fresh water and sweet blame and spoke words of kindness to him..

Slide 28:

Dear swallow I do so hunt to kind golden sunshine will come out and warm you so you can leave this cold land…

Slide 29:

One day the fat old Mole declared he wanted to married Thumbelina, but Thumbelina did not want to marry dull Mr.Mole and live underground…

Slide 30:

However the field mouse insisted and Mr.Mole would not be moved…

Slide 31:

So Thumbelina beg to leave to look one last time the Sun and her own dear dear Swallow..

Slide 32:

Oh what fortune the sun had come out and warmed the swallow and he was completely better and fly into the sky as well as every before…

Slide 33:

Swallow : Thumbelina Thumbelina leave this cold and cruel land, sit on my back and we will fly far far away come away with me my sweet come away..

Slide 34:

Thumbelina jump onto the swallow’s back without a second thought and they flew up together into the deep blue sky and out of the reach of dull Mr.Mole

Slide 35:

The Swallow flew like a wind they were dark forest and high mountains and straight into the deep blue sea, where the sun is kind and the sky is clear and beautiful flower forever in plum

Slide 36:

The Swallow landing among the most beautiful flowers… Swallow : this is where I live, you will be happy here…

Slide 37:

Now it so happen that the ruler of this land was a handsome Elf Prince, he was struck by Thumbelina’s beauty and fell madly in love with her..

Slide 38:

Prince : be my bride and queen of all the flowers? Thumbelina : oh yes with all my heart…

Slide 39:

Now there is a proper bride and groom not like toad or his son or the fat Mr.Mole or even the gallant male Bug

Slide 40:

The elf with all happiest can be and they shouted for joy and clap and dance, chile, sunk and long long last they’ll have a real Queen…

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