A guide to Different Type of Tyres

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There are a wide variety of tyres used for different purposes. While every vehicle has its own capacity and usage, its important to understand which type of tyres will suit your requirement. Go through this power point presentation and learn about different types of tyres. Once you have proper knowledge about this, its easier to choose according to your need.


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A guide to Different Type of Tyres

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Passenger Tyres Passenger tyres are daily use car tyres. These tyres are used in a runabout. There are also high grade passenger tyres specifically designed for driving in all kinds of areas. These adapt easily according to the weather roads etc. High quality braking cornering is what its main features are. There is an endless variety of these type of tyres but remember to choose the high quality and brand new tyres.

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4x4 tyres These are heavy duty tyres chiefly designed for off road vehicles. It’s easy to deal with the challenges of rugged terrain with a vehicle having these type of tyres. These tyres offer 4x4 wide range of tyres and are perfect for handling the rugged driving.

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Runflats Apart from traditional tyres runflat tyres help to complete the journey even if it’s punctured. With these tyres one is supposed to drive at a speed of 80 Km per hour and shall have a distance of around 80 Kms to cover. These tyres are suitable for the ones who do not know the art of changing the tyres in case of punctures. However driving in the runflat areas with these tyres is not recommended.

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Space savers Space savers are replacing tyres. These can be brought into use for a full sized spare over a short period of time. These are easier to handle than the regular space tyres and offer more space to the drivers in the trunk. These are used in case of emergency and are mostly used to drive to the service centres.

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