Corrugated Boxes


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Custom corrugated boxes and packaging solutions are available with design support and free shipping to your doorsteps in Australia.


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Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated Boxes


Corrugated boxes are boxes that are made up of a cardboard type material and mostly are in a shape of a cube or a cuboid. They are most popularly found in the color brown and are used by a number of industries and people for a variety of purposes. Today, we are going to discuss some of those industries and purposes. To start off, let’s discuss the electronics industry. Corrugated boxes wholesale are used to package and wrap a number of types of electronics. Have you not seen how every time you buy a new laptop, it is always wrapped securely in a corrugated box. Why do you think that is? It is of course to protect the electronic item against damage. Furthermore, another issue with corrugated boxes is that they are exceptionally light weight. Thus it makes it easier to carry the electronic items. Furthermore, electronic items consist of a number of small items that need to assembled before the electronic items can be used properly and to get it to function. Thus it is extremely important that the parts are put together in one corrugated box so as to make sure that no part gets lost or is misplaced. It is also important to understand that corrugated boxes vary widely in the sizes that are available and found. The size is largely dependent on the item that the company intends to place in it. Of course it is essential that the box has enough space in it to properly be able to accommodate the item. Having said that, the corrugated box should not be bigger than the size of the item either. This will simply result in waste of the packaging material. On the top of that it will make it rather impractical to carry around the box with you. Thus important consideration needs to make to the fact that the size of the corrugated box is proportionate to the item that you intend to place inside it.


Corrugated boxes for mobile phones for instance tend to be far smaller in size than corrugated boxes for laptops. Another factor that the makers of corrugated boxes for electronics need to take into consideration is that the boxes should have a formal vibe. Since the buyers of electronics tend to be of a far more serious nature it is important to cater to their characteristics and to assure them that the product inside is a serious product. Have you for instance ever seen a corrugated box for a laptop that is full of vibrant colors and non-formal colors? I would think not. Of course thus it is important that the corrugated boxes for electronic items use a formal font it. As for the color of the box, it should obviously be well aligned with that of the box. By alignment, I do not mean that the color of the box should be exactly the one of the logo. Instead, I mean quite the opposite.


The color of the corrugated box should preferably be one that is in direct contrast to the color of the logo. This will help the logo stand out. For example if the color of the logo is white, then surely the color of the box should be black. Other than that, effort needs to be made to provide the user with the pictorial images of the electronic items. Alternatively, electronic items should also include pictorial images of how the electronic items can be properly assembled together . This will simply assist the user farther and will help him with learning how to use the electronic item. Other than that, corrugated box for electronic items should also have the specifications of the electronic items properly labeled on it. This will just help the customer properly understand more about the product before making a purchase. It is of course extremely important that the specifications are included in simple forms so as to make it perfectly comprehensible for the general public.


Having said that corrugated boxes are not solely available for electronic items. Instead, corrugated boxes are available for many industries. Many cosmetic industries also use corrugated boxes. Other uses of corrugated boxes may also include wrapping items like books, toys, business stationary etc. When making corrugated boxes for all of these industries, it is important to properly customize the corrugated boxes wholesale according to each of this industry. Of course, a corrugated box for a cosmetic item cannot be used as packaging for toys. Corrugated boxes for toys will have animations and vibrant colors that will be added specifically to arouse a positive response from the younger lot. Corrugated boxes for cosmetics on the other hand, may include a very elegant appeal so as to cater to its female demographc .

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