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Get accesses to powerful text messaging functionality with SMS Gateway API by Browse our website now to get maximum benefits of our services.


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SMS API : SMS Gateway API With the TXTImpact SMS API, you have access to powerful text messaging functionality for integration into your existing and new web and enterprise applications . An SMS Gateway typically sits between the end user who needs to send/receive SMS and a mobile network’s SMSC. Our SMS Gateway provides a choice of protocols, including HTTP, SMTP, SMPP and Web services. We’re leading provider of SMS Gateway Services including SMS aggregation and Short Code provisioning.

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SMS API : SMS Gateway API SMS API FEATURES HTTP APIs Send and receive simple to implement HTTP APIs Two-Way Texting Send and receive SMS using local phone numbers in 23 countries and Short Codes available in US and Canada . Unicode S upport Send and Receive SMS in any non-English language including Chinese, Arabic and symbol characters.

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SMS API : SMS Gateway API SMS API FEATURES Extended Length SMS support Send and receive long SMS Messages, concatenated SMS support . Global Coverage Send SMS world-wide using one SMS API. Send Text Messages to over 160 countries . Schedule Message Schedule Text Messages for future delivery date.

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SMS API : SMS Gateway API Why TXTImpact SMS Gateway APIs? Our focus centers around security, performance and reliability. For the 15 years, TXTImpact has partnered with wireless providers and carriers all over the world to provide innovative mobile messaging solutions that deliver outstanding results for our Enterprise clients . TXTImpact uses highly reliable, high throughput, business grade direct carrier connections and short codes for the delivery of SMS messages . We also offer local numbers for USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, Australia, Austria, China, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

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SMS API : SMS Gateway API Why TXTImpact SMS Gateway APIs? 2Way SMS APIs, replies to your SMS text message will be forwarded to your Web Application . The service supports all major USA and Canada carriers and over 800 international mobile operators. Partner with one of the USA leading SMS Text Messaging experts. We have connection to over 800 Wireless carries worldwide, helps you interact with your customers anywhere in the world. Local Texting Phone Numbers Available for 33 Countries Long Code SMS Applications

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SMS API : SMS Gateway API TXTImpact SMS Marketing Solutions Contact Person: Susan Raj A ddress - 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY-10003 Phone Number - 800-605-0280 & 212-300-5984 Email Id - Website:

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