Best Practices For Using A Two-Way Radio While Driving

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Explore several best practices for two-way radio use while on the road, and how cell phone laws may affect two-way radio users.


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Although there is no current law restricting the use of two-way radios, it seems likely that many aspects would apply legally to drivers and their employers. Cell phone bans focus on two main risks: the danger associated with reaching for a phone and the hazards posed by attempting to dial a number (which requires focus that should be on the road). Although two-way radios differ technologically from cell phones, these two major risks are still relevant.


Even though existing cell phone bans and restrictions don't explicitly refer to two-way radios, it's likely that a crash caused by reaching for a radio would still leave the employer liable. Because distracted driving is such a huge threat to the driver and those around him/her, it's important to make two-way radio use as safe as possible, regardless of whether the law has caught up.


Ensure easy one-touch use so that you don't have to reach for your radio while driving. Use a mounting clip near the steering wheel to make sure you can use the radio without looking too far from the road. Consider using a Bluetooth headset to make the experience entirely hands-free.


Be sure to keep conversations short and professional to limit the amount of time your attention to the radio is required. Make sure the radio's speaker mic is well within comfortable range (about an arm's length at maximum). Maintain a constant, clear radio volume so that you aren't constantly having to change the volume.


Limit the number of other distractions in your vehicle as much as possible so that radio calls don't simply add on to other distracting elements like loud music. Make it a point to be as vigilant and safe as possible while using your two-way radio, slowing down a bit if needed. If a call is going to be particularly long, distracting or stressful in some way, pull into a rest stop (if you can) to have the conversation.


Make sure your two-way radio and any mounting hardware you have stay in good working condition to prevent malfunctions that could take your eyes off the road. Do your best to stay aware of new driving and cell phone use laws so that you know what to be aware of in similar situations with two-way radios.


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