Two Way Radios For Any Kind Of Weather

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Presentation Description | Two-way radio gear should be designed to withstand any harsh weather conditions, such as snow, rain, dry heat, and extreme humidity. Learn more here.


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4 Any two-way radio can perform under normal environmental conditions. But what happens when conditions ar en’t optimal Are your two-way radios really ready to perform under harsh weather

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When conditions are less than ideal and the weather is unfriendly clear and efficient communication is more important than ever. In order to keep worksites safe and running smoothly two-way radios need to work in conditions that include…

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Snow may not seem as obviously dangerous to two-way radios as rain but that is an underestimation. When the weather warms up or radios are brought inside the collected snow can melt and seep into radio compartments damaging internal electronics.

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On the opposite end of the weather spectrum from snow comes extreme humidity which tends to happen in summer and spring. When the air is moist it can take a serious toll on radios that aren’t made to withstand extreme humidity.

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Humidity isn’t the only kind of heat that can damage a two-way radio. Dry heat especially the kind that accompanies summer winds and dust storms can be just as bad. Two- way radios used on jobsites should be able to stand up to dust particles and extreme temperatures.

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Everyone knows that water and electronics don’t mix. When the rain starts falling worksites need to be sure that they have two-way radio gear that can survive in those conditions without malfunctioning or breaking.

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Depending on where you live and work your two-way radio gear is likely to be exposed to a number of harsh weather conditions. As such it is imperative to choose two-way radios that are designed to stand up to any type of work environment.

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Two Way Radio Gear’s top-of-the-line radios combine excellent performance and ease of use with durability and smart construction. Wherever you are we have two-way radios that will work for you whatever the weather.

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For more than 15 years Two Way Radio Gear has been supplying worksites and consumers with top-grade two-way radios from industry-leading brands like Motorola and Vertex Standard. For more information on our products visit

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