Two Way Radio Systems: The Only Answer for Construction Sites


Presentation Description | Although cellphones have grown in popularity in certain industry sectors, construction workers are still better served by sticking with reliable two-way radios.


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In this day and age most everyone has a personal cellphone they use to keep in touch with friends and family. However in a construction environment you don’t want a fragile smartphone accumulating dirty fingerprints all day. A two-way radio provides an elegant solution to any construction team that needs to keep lines of communication open over long distances. In the following presentation we’ll go over a few of the reasons why two-way radios are ideal for a construction environment.

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Cellphones are often dependent on cell service towers and satellite functionality. If there are errors or problems with the network suddenly your team will be unable to talk to each other. With two-way radios your team will be on local bands meaning that they will be able to stay in contact in the event of an emergency that has cellphones out of service. 1

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While smartphones are known for slick exteriors that can lead to cracked screens two-way radios often come with specialized grips on the sides for maximum utility. Also most radios were designed to military specifications meaning they’re built with durability as a top priority. 2

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3 Phones have a whole host of apps and functionalities that eat up precious battery life in a device designed to take up the smallest amount of space possible. Two-way radios on the other hand are designed around a battery big enough to last for hours and come with no other battery-wasting functions.

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4 If you need to provide a system of communication across a team of 20 guys you can’t expect them to all keep in touch using their personal phones. By providing your team with a set of two-way radios you can make sure that they can reach each other on the jobsite. Best of all there are no monthly fees or service contracts to worry about

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5 Let’s be honest: If you’re holding together a project with one hand having a two-way radio with touch- button talk communication is worth its weight in gold. Rather than having to go through your contacts and call the person and wait for them to pick up you can simply press the button speak and get the message across much quicker.

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6 In some cases cellphones just won’t work in your area. Two-way radios allow users to scan through different channels in order to find one that will work for them. By keeping the signal local users experience a much higher rate of success across construction sites which are known to be in out-of- the-way places.

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7 Construction sites are rarely quiet places. Because of this two-way radios are often constructed with built-in noise cancelling technology to make the words come in as clearly as possible. Whether someone is jackhammering nearby or you’re in the middle of a rainstorm many models are waterproof by the way two-way radios are designed to work in loud unforgiving conditions. Jobsites in other words.

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