Lip-Smacking Food You Can Make in Electric Rice Cooker

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Lip-Smacking Food You Can Make in Electric Rice Cooker Do you know you can cook a variety of foods with a tiger electric rice cooker or ocarina electric cooking pot In a world of pioneering ergonomic kitchen appliances the significance of electric rice cooker • hasn’t declined a bit and is still considered as ‘The king of The kitchen’. For those who do not believe us what can be a better way than seeing delicious food you can make in an electric cooker So without wasting time let’s get started. Tofu and Asparagus- It is a simple and healthy signature dish that doesn’t require much effort to prepare. One can have it as a side dish or as a main

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course meal. All you need to do is put the ingredients turn on the rice cooker and voila in 15 min you’ll have a delicious meal to eat. • Lemon Risotto with Shrimp • - Yes fresh and flavorful risotto recipe with a tang of lemon. It’s a quick-pressure cooker recipe mostly prepared on special occasions. The cheesy-creamy cooking is considered a perfect dish for weekend dinners. Besides one can add multiple zings by adding chicken peas mushrooms or whatever you feel like. Farro with ch icken and mushrooms As a foodophile you would definitely enjoy trying one of these. But first you need to have a good-quality cooker. At - Farro is one of the Italians most ancient grains and one can also use ‘rice’ as the alternative. The recipe works very well when cooked in the steam cooker. The delectable risotto must be stirred with shredded chicken and mushrooms. In the end the irresistible garnish texture will definitely allure you to have more. we have taken extensive measures to provide you the modern-era kitchen gear that eases your quest for preparing lip-smacking delicious food. See them all today and don’t miss out on the great discounts. Originally Shared - Contact us King AbdulAziz Dammam Eastern Province 31411 Saudi Arabia +966 8003044403

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