Tabletop or Battle Board


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At Two Hour War Games, we create fantastic two-hour games playable in two hours or less. We bring you the best miniatures wargames for entertaining and gaming at the same time. Our array of fantasy tabletop games captures the fantasy of players while sharing an exciting playable journey. You can check our online website for more information.


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Tabletop or Battle Board

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Saw a post on the web where someone said they thought THW was getting away from minis on the Tabletop with terrain. Well, that's not true and here's why. Some rules will use the Battle Board - those with 4 or 5 man Bands in a skirmish setting. But for larger games with multiple larger units like NUTS and 5150 Star Army, you'll see that's for the tabletop. Now just about all of the rules that use the Battle Board have Tabletop rules as well. If it doesn't, then download this freebie; a 4 page How to for Battle Board to Tabletop rules. And Cover? Heck yeah, ALL rules use Cover; just check out the Shooting Tables; pass 1d6 or score a 8 or 9.  

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