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Accountability for technology in the classroom


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Accountability for technology in: The Classroom:

Accountability for technology in: The Classroom Tim Weir

The Problem:

The Problem Lack of Knowledge Distractions! Low Interest Level


Present Technology in the classroom is misused & misunderstood It’s “bad” to use technology everyday The future of technology in classrooms is bright

Lack of Knowledge:

Lack of Knowledge Teachers are not being taught! We can’t use technology to it’s fullest potential What is it good for?

Educate Tech with Tech:

Educate Tech with Tech Use the technology to teach how to use the technology Workshops Night classes Volunteers!


Distractions Texts E-Mails Phone Calls Score Updates News Alerts Tweets & Facebook notifications


Diversions I nteresting tools and programs Incorporate c ell phones and pagers Cell signal blockers?


Interest Kids and teachers don’t care Too confusing Expensive


Interesting Incentives Lessons Fundraisers

My Question:

My Question How do we become more accountable? What changes need to be made? Is it possible to blend education with technology effectively? How will we fund it?


Future Technologically Savvy Nation Knowledge is at our fingertips Endless Possibilities


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