Stars Tweet Congratulatory Notes to Hrithik for his Performance in Guz

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Stars Tweet Congratulatory Notes to Hrithik for his Performance in Guzaarish : 

Stars Tweet Congratulatory Notes to Hrithik for his Performance in Guzaarish Hrithik has done incredibly well in Guzaarish and all are appreciating his work, especially his fellow actors. And interestingly, the tokens of appreciation are flooding the Twitter universe. I’m wondering how the fellow actors of Dilip Kumar or Dev Anand had been congratulating them for their successes years back? I guess they had telegraphy as the substitute of present day Twitter.

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Hrithik Roshan On Twitter Twitter enjoys the same repute as was enjoyed by telegraph agencies in the past or the telephone agencies in the near past. Years back when busy celebrities hadn’t enough time to communicate but had something immensely important to say, they took the help of telegraph or telephone and if you look back in the near past, say 10-15 years, pager did the task and then came up text messaging though paging and text messaging didn’t take that much importance as telegraphy. But today for sure, Twitter is doing what telegraphy did in the past.

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One may or may not check the text messages as one has to check them one by one which takes a lot of time and sometimes people are not sure whether their messages have reached their friends but tweets don’t need your special attention you just need to casually check out the Twitter home page and find all the tweets around there and moreover, you are always sure whether your tweets have reached your friends or not. And tweets make you and your message famous as they are visible to all (of course you can hide them under privacy setting) and the celebrities never feel like keeping their messages hidden, after all being publicly visible gives more popularity it’s just like branding yourself. This is why Hrithik’s successful performance in Guzaarish brought him so many congratulatory messages on Twitter. Hrithik fans might be tweeting a lot many congratulatory notes specifically meant for Hrithik and specified by #Guzaarish but the Bollywood stars are no less in number and have been spotted out tweeting @iHrithik and tagging the messages as #Guzaarish since the time the movie has got released. Preity Zinta recently tweeted, “Guzaarish is BRILLIAT! Hrithik is beyond it all, beyond PERFECT!...” Dia Mirza went a little more emotional while tweeting, her tweet read as “…Your silences moved me to tears n your voice made me feel a pain n happiness that I believe only u can. RESPECT.” Even Barbara Mori Hrithik’s heroine in Kites, couldn’t stop congratulating him, her tweet said, “All the best for GUZAARISH is a beautiful film and an amazing acting of @iHrithik all the LOVE I’m sure the movie will rock!!!” One shouldn’t think that only the female actors are generous in congratulating Hrithik, even the male actors are busy appreciating him. Arjun Rampal tweeted, “…beyond genius, stunning, beautiful performance his best…” and Kunal Kapoor wrote in his tweet, “…All the luck to Hrithik and the team of guzaarish!! Heard it’s a super film, with incredible performances.. Really looking forward to watching it.. Hope its playing in Berlin, even if its german version:)” You might be thinking how I came to know about all these tweets? How do I manage to check the tweets of so many celebrities? Well, I know it’s difficult but if you use a Twitter celebrity application, it won’t be difficult at all. These applications keep you up to date and let you know when a certain star is tweeting and what; it also becomes easy to follow your favorite stars using such applications. So just check out some Twitter celebrity application and you too will get to know about all the latest happenings in your favorite star’s life!

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