Priyanka Chopra More Popular than Big B and Three Great Khans!!

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Priyanka Chopra More Popular than Big B and Three Great Khans!! : 

Priyanka Chopra More Popular than Big B and Three Great Khans!! Would you believe if I say that Priyanka Chopra is more popular than Amitabh Bachchan – the man of the millennium and the three great khans (Shahrukh, Salman, and Aamir)? Well, you will have to believe me if you check out her Twitter followers. Bollywood celebrities have always been the main reason for most Indian Twitter users to be there on Twitter, but it was either Bachchan or the three Khans who were the center of attraction on the site and also the ones who boasted having the maximum number of followers among the Bollywood stars.

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Shahrukh the King Khan has definitely been a King throughout be it his movies, Stage or Party presence, or even a TV commercial. Indeed, on Twitter, he has been a King for quite a long time but when it comes to be a King in the popularity game, perhaps it follows democracy and thus, more voters were on the side of Big B which somehow took away the King’s crown from the King Khan’s head! But never mind, Shahrukh was not the one to stay behind longer and he once again came on the top! Shahrukh has 712221+ Twitter followers today whereas Amitabh has a far less number of followers i.e. 509927+. However, the King’s crown did not come back to him and it got transformed to the Queen’s crown as Priyanka has become the Queen on Twitter with 727789+ followers, quite higher than Shahrukh’s supporters! Interestingly, Priyanka not only loves to be followed but she also loves to follow others! She follows 102 people who are mostly her Bollywood friends and colleagues, whereas Big B and SRK follow just 41 and 49 people respectively.

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Lately the Female Bollywood stars on Twitter have been shinning more than usual. Preity Zinta stands second on the list, who has really large brigade of followers after Priyanka. She loves tweeting and people love to check out her tweets, this is what has got her 439351 followers. After her comes Deepika Padukone, the Om Shanti Om fame with 448111+ followers. Though Zinta and Padukone have left other female stars much behind but they couldn’t compete with their male counterparts, which Priyanka has definitely done. Priyanka’s Twitter performance is indeed the most superb one! Among the three khans Shahrukh is on the top (though his position is below Priyanka) whereas Salman and Aamir stand on third and fourth positions with slightly lesser number of followers than Big B. Salman and Aamir have 495794+ and 383806+ followers respectively. Salman was almost on the verge of leaving the micro blogging site a few months back due to the controversy created by his verdict on 26/11 case. But his fans were always on his side him. And this became clearer after the incident; as there was a dramatic rise in his number of followers after the controversy.

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