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WebQuest How do things move the way they do?


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Force & Motion : 

Force & Motion How do things move the way they do?

Jobs : 

Jobs You will need the following responsibilities in your group: Reporter Share what your group has discussed with the rest of us Recorder Write down what your group discusses for each slide Reader Read the pages to the group Use a clear, audible voice Facilitator make sure everyone participates Keep the group on track

Directions : 

Directions Each slide has a photograph (or two) with information and questions. Look at each slide, read the information and questions. Discuss each with your partner(s). Record your discussions. Share your thinking with the rest of us.

Apples Falling From a Tree : 

Apples Falling From a Tree When apples grow in the fall, you know that they are ripe when the fall from the tree to the ground. Why do you think they do this?

Car Moving : 

Car Moving Cars move on the road. They can go slow. They can go fast. What is this called?

Moving Something : 

Moving Something You can see this person is trying to move a boulder. Why is he having a difficult time? What might help? Are all things this difficult to move? Why?

Riding a Bike : 

Riding a Bike Riding a bike is something that we all learn to do at a young age. What do you know about riding a bike? How would it be different to ride a bike on… pavement? gravel? grass?

Tug-of-War : 

Tug-of-War Tug-of-war is a game that many of us enjoy playing. What is the point of the game?

Swinging : 

Swinging We have many swings on the playground. How do you get a friend to go higher?

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