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My favorite lobster pictures and info : 

My favorite lobster pictures and info How many kinds of lobsters are there

European lobster : 

European lobster

European lobster info : 

European lobster info The European lobster is also know as the homarus gammarus It is difficult to diagnose the European from the American lobster The European lobster is fished though out its natural range baited with only the scad

squat lobster : 

squat lobster

Squat lobster info : 

Squat lobster info The squat lobster is smaller than a American lobster The squat lobster has a carapace about 10 cm The abdomen is flatten under its self Fossil squat lobsters have been found in strata acting back to the mid Jurassic of Europe

Norway lobster : 

Norway lobster

Norway lobster info : 

Norway lobster info The orange pink lobster, witch grows up to 2 feet it is now the only species in its gunes nephorops several other species having been mored toth gunes this lobster is found in the Atlantic ocean the North Sea as farest Iceland and in northern Norway

Rock lobster : 

Rock lobster

rock lobster info : 

rock lobster info The rock lobster jasus edwardsii is amongst the worlds rarest and most sought after a crustacean . The rock lobster exotic suductive richest and addichive sea spray flavors truly define luxury and it mere presence levates dining to its most opulent

American lobster : 

American lobster

American lobster info : 

American lobster info There are two main kinds of American lobsters in the united states The true lobster is designated as such to different form the spiny lobster the two from different families display two differences

Spiny lobsters : 

Spiny lobsters

Spiny lobster info : 

Spiny lobster info Spiny lobsters are the biggest food export of the Bahamas Many spiny lobsters produce rasping sounds to repel predators.This is done by rubbing the base of the pletrum at the base of the spiny lobsters antennae

The End : 

The End Thank you for watching By Collin Beahn

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