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A general idea about SAT:

A general idea about SAT The College Board administer and manage SAT. The question paper includes problem-solving skills and reasoning. The paper is divided into four sections. Students will take 3 hours and 45 minutes to solve the whole question paper.

A general idea about ACT:

A general idea about ACT ACT itself created this exam. They manage the entire process. The question paper is curriculum based. The questions are knowledge-based. The question paper is divided into ten sections. It takes 2 hours and 55 minutes to solve the question paper. However, an extra 30 minutes is given to students who choose the optional writing test.

Division of SAT:

Division of SAT The 10 sections of SAT There is an essay which consists of 2 multiple choice writing sections. The question paper includes 3 reading sections and 3 critical math sections. Apart from all these, there is an experimental part.

Division of ACT:

Division of ACT The 4 sections of ACT include the English language as well as English rhetoric. There are also questions on maths, reading, and science. Moreover, there is also a section for writing. However, this is an optional part which is required by colleges during admission.

What is SAT?:

What is SAT? This is the most common type of college and university entrance exam. The whole exam is multiple choice and is written with the help of pen and paper. The reason to organise this exam is to measure the preparation of a high school pass out student.

When should someone appear for the test?:

When should someone appear for the test? The exam applies to high school students who are planning to go to college. However, as it is an essential exam student should take proper preparation before appearing for the exam.

What is the ACT?:

What is the ACT? Appearing for this test helps the high school students to get an understanding of what they have learned throughout the high school. Many times when students see that they have not scored the required marks for applying in colleges, they take the help of professional tutors to improve their performance. So it is essential to avail SAT, ACT test prep before appearing for the test.

When should someone appear for the test?:

When should someone appear for the test? Just like the SAT, high school students should appear the test only when they feel they are prepared for it.

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