BSOP 588, Managing Quality

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BSOP 588, Managing Quality, Assignment, Project, Final Exam


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BSOP 588:

BSOP 588 BSOP 588 (GM 588) Managing Quality DOWNLOAD HERE


BSOP588 Week 1  Discussion 1: Definition of Quality Discussion 2: Quality in Your Organization   Week 2  Discussion 1: Quality Philosophies Discussion 2: Quality Awards  

BSOP 588:

BSOP 588 Week 3  Discussion 1: Voice of the Customer (VOC) Discussion 2 The Kano Model Measuring Customer Service paper     Week 4  Discussion 1: Quality Focus Discussion 2: Alignment of Strategy and Quality Management Midterm - Essay Questions


DOWNLOAD HERE Week 5  Discussion 1: Performance Metrics Discussion 2: Cost of Quality (COS) Case Study - Quality in Practice   Week 7 Course Project, General Electric Quality Management   CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

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