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Alvaro Brito’s Pecha Kucha :

Alvaro Brito’s Pecha Kucha War of 1812: Multiple Perspectives

Exploring the War of 1812 Through the Eyes of the “Enemy” :

Exploring the War of 1812 Through the Eyes of the “Enemy” The objective of this lesson plan is as follows: Students will be able compare the multiple perspectives (United States, Great Britain, British Colonies in Canada and Native Americans) on the War of 1812 by exploring a WebQuest in each perspective in order to create an original video on each perspective’s take on the war.

Learning Plan Context: Setting:

Learning Plan Context: Setting 8 th Grade US History War of 1812 Unit Number of students: 34 Estimated Lesson and Project duration: 2 Days

California State Standard:

California State Standard 8.5.1 Understand the political and economic causes of the War of 1812 and know the major battles, leaders, and events that led to a final peace.

State English Language Development Standards :

State English Language Development Standards Deliver short presentations on ideas, premises, or images obtained from various common sources Have students work in groups and with partners throughout the lesson. Use pictures, lists, charts, and tables found in informational materials, newspapers, and magazines to identify the factual components of compare-and-contrast patterns

State Special Learning Needs or “Special Education” Standards :

State Special Learning Needs or “Special Education” Standards Students with special needs will be paired with a partner who will be able to scaffold and support the student Using hand gestures and props to help students visualize either the content or instructions Various roles will be available and catered for students with disabilities (prop manager, artist, etc.) when each group will produce a unique video.

Learning Theory Application:

Learning Theory Application Socio Cultural Approach : Students will be in an environment where they are working in groups to complete an activity. Using the socio cultural approach, students’ will research information and will create an original video on their perspective. The teachers’ role is to scaffold and lead students to appropriate sources for their discovery.

Learning Accommodations :

Learning Accommodations Videos will be visually stimulating and in sheltered language for EL learners. WebQuest will have pictures and diagrams. Students will be working in groups and scaffolding each other. Provide additional reading for Honors Students and expect to have them critique their group peers work.

Resource Accommodations :

Resource Accommodations Low tech, mid tech and high tech Low Tech: One overhead projector One Computer and a basic A video camera . Show the videos through the overhead projector. Explore the WebQuest through articles and pictures. Students’ will have to film in a 4 day span. Mid Tech: One overhead or ELMO projector . A teacher’s laptop 4 laptops or desktop (computers for each group of 6-7 students in the classroom). 4 flip or video cameras. High Tech: A smart board with an ELMO projector. A teacher’s laptop along with a computer, iPad or iTouch available for each if not every other student in the classroom (allows students to work in pairs). One HD camera for each group, along with video editing software such as iMovie to edit their videos (can be extra credit: assigned for hw or done afterschool).

Literacy Skills:

Literacy Skills Content-Based Literacy Skills 1 st students need to view and analyze the text and videos. Multi- literacies in this lesson include: Reading, writing, listening, viewing and speaking. Work in a group to create a script and develop an original video with prompts and dialogue. Student’s critique other’s work. New Media Literacy Skills Collective knowledge (student’s work together and search what research is available to produce a new video on a certain perspective. Networking (search for, synthesize, and disseminate information through WebQuest ). Negotiation, the ability to travel across diverse communities, in his case the War of 1812, discerning and respecting multiple perspectives, and grasping and following alternative norms

Learning Plan Procedures :

Motivation Activity Learning Plan Procedures

Teacher Driven Activity :

Teacher Driven Activity At the beginning of the input activity, the teacher will explain that each group will be looking a different perspective on the War of 1812 via a WebQuest . Teacher will ask a student to re-state of re-phrase the procedure of today’s lesson in order to check for understanding. Teacher will then display on the Smart Board how to navigate each WebQuest . Teacher will direct students to seek out information that answers the 5W questions (who, what, where, when and why).

Teacher Driven Activity :

Teacher Driven Activity Teacher will direct students to seek out information that answers the 5W questions (who, what, where, when and why).

Student Driven Activity :

Student Driven Activity Students in their groups will navigate their corresponding WebQuest in order to answer the guiding questions. Once students have answered the guiding questions, students will write a summary on their perspectives.

Student Driven Activity :

Student Driven Activity Using their summaries, each group will develop a script for their corresponding perspective. Teacher must check the quality of the script for both content and flow before students record the video. Edits should be made before the recording.


Culmination Teacher will clarify that the videos will be recoded once every group has their summaries, scripts and props for the video. Flip Cameras will be distributed once this task is achieved. The instructor will ask if there are any questions and make any clarifications students might have. Students will use their summaries to develop a script on their perspective. The script will enable students create a short video clip summarizing the entire perspective with relevant details answered by the guiding questions. Students will use a Flip Camera to record their summaries into scripts, acting out their script and displaying their props to create an informational YouTube video


Assessment Short Assessment: students will watch all four videos and write a 5-6 sentences paragraph on; how each perspective perceived the War of 1812 and how is that perspective different form the perspective they worked on? Summative assessment: students will be required to create a video on their perspective. It will be reviewed and graded by both the instructor and students using a rubric.


Extension Homework Project: Students will have the opportunity to edit and add captions to their videos for homework. This will not be a requirement, since most students do not have video editing software at home. Students who wish to complete this homework project can come in during lunch or afterschool and use the classroom computer to use iMovie software. The teacher will provide a YouTube video tutorial on how to use iMovie .


Analysis Strengths Discover the content in an interactive way Guide students through the material using guiding questions and allowing students to work in groups Looking at different perspectives Using technology throughout the lesson Weaknesses It could take more than just two days to complete In order to have high quality videos, it will require students to have editing skills and time to come in afterschool or at home


Questions/Comments? THANK YOU!!! O ur goal should be to encourage youth to develop the skills, knowledge, ethical frameworks, and self-confidence needed to be full participants in contemporary culture. -Jenkins et. al (2006, p . 8)

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