Blockchain for Business Executives course in mumbai

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Blockchain for Business Executives course in Mumbai


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Blockchain for Business Executives Module 1: Introduction Web 3.0 Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology Module 2: Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies History of Financial System - Barter Economy - Gold Economy - Paper Gold Economy - Cash Economy Digital Economy: Bitcoin Global Blockchain Ecosystem Global Cryptocurrencies Ecosystem Module 3: Blockchain Blockchain - The Greatest Invention of the 21st Century - How does it work - Demo - Why is it so important - “Trust Distribution” - Mining Module 4: Types of Blockchain First Generation of Blockchain - Bitcoin - Why Bitcoin was created - What does it do - How does it work - What does it do - How does it work - Smart Contracts - Solidity

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Third Generation of Blockchain - IOTA - Tangle Technology - Cardano Module 5: Enterprise Blockchains Hyperledger R3 Corda Module 6: Initial Coin OfferingICO What is Initial Coin OfferingICO Comparison of ICO and IPO Utility Token Security Token Cryptocurrency Token Global ICO funding Module 6: Regulation Regulation in Blockchain and Crypto Ecosystem - North America - Europe - Asia Pacific - Rest of the World Module 7: Cryptocurrencies Trading Local Exchanges Global Exchanges How to trade Cryptocurrencies Peer to Peer Exchanges Module 8: Use Cases Blockchain in Supply Chain Blockchain in Automotive Blockchain in BFSI Blockchain in Governance Module 9: Disruption IPFSInterplanetary File Sharing System RippleCross-Border Payments EthereumWorld’s First Smart Contract Platform Numer.aiWorld’s First Decentralized Hedge Fund QuantstampAutomating the Auditing process

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Module 10:Funding and Investments Crypto Hedge Funds Binance Case Study ICO Funding Retail Investment Global Trading Volume Module 11: Future Emergence of Token Economy Emergence of Web 3.0 Module 12: How to Start Understand the Ecosystem Understand your Personality Corporate Jobs Blockchain Architect Blockchain Auditor Blockchain Analyst Blockchain Consultant ICO Analyst ICO Advisor Entrepreneurial/Business Opportunities Crypto Investor Crypto Trader Blockchain Mining Masternodes 203/Ratnamani Bldg Near Platform No. 1 Opp. Rajdarshan Society Thane West Web: Phone : 9870803004/ 9870803005

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