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sources: ​https://deepamalikblog.blogspot.com/2019/09/a-true-inspiration-deepa-malik-deepa.html A True Inspiration- Deepa Malik Deepa Malik is a true inspiration as she has done all the things to inspire every normal person and every disabled person. She has done all the youth from her struggling and inspiring life. She has suffered from 31 operations and her whole life is in a wheelchair still she has the courage to move forward towards her interests and goals. She started playing at the age of 36 when other players take the retirement she started her career because her passion her anger towards her disabilities can’t make her to live peacefully. She has not even participated only but also won most of the matches.

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As she is a girl and on the wheelchair the pressure of society is always there but again she faced all the situations and nature conditions and proved that a paralyzed woman can also won gold for their country. It clearly seems that she has not lived an easy life but made her life easy by herself only. She does not need to become a motivational speaker as her own life story inspires the world but she did it and make the people to know about her life. She also writes her biography to inspire the world and make them to know the difficulties faced by her and the number of achievements she achieved in her life with her full spirit passion and dedication. She is also a very good swimmer and biker that means she always wanted to be a sportsperson. A sports person always needs to be full of spirit passionate and full of dedication.

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She was an entrepreneur shot put discus throw and javelin throw players and won medals in all 3 games. She has not taken any game easily she worked hard for every game she participated in and this work hard resulted in winning medals. She is the biggest inspiration a sportsperson can inspired from. Those who fight with challenges and have the courage to face any difficulty comes in their way no one can stop them from achieving their goals.

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