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sources: ​ ml Motivational Speaker- Deepa Malik Deepa Malik was too a motivational speaker not only a motivational speaker she is also a social worker and a writer. Her story already motivates and inspires the world but she also chose to inspire people from her speeches. She motivates the youth young children not to give up in any situation she also motivates the physically challenged persons or any disabled persons that whatever the situation is around you face it with full spirit don’t ever lose your strength convert your weaknesses into strengths and always follow your passion in whatever conditions. She tells the youth that many difficulties comes in your way and make you disappointed but always remember disappointment makes you to improve

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yourself. If you go with the full spirit passion and dedication to do something no problem can stop you. Based on her life she always tells people to have faith in yourself not to feel inferior in front of any one better than you or any person at higher level. An Allrounder- Deepa Malik There are many things that proves Deepa Malik an allrounder she has participated in the shot put javelin throw and discus throw. She participated in all those games in which the main part is the upper body as her lower body is already paralyzed. Not only she participated but also won at least a single medal in every game she played she has also a big interest and good skills in swimming and biking and she was first highlighted through her swimming talent only. She always love biking and do the stunts in her early years and because of biking she also made Limca Book Of World Records twice.

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She is also a speaker and writer through her writing she inspires and tells the people about the struggle in her life how she overcome all her problems and how she faced all the tough situations and challenges in her life. Her writing tells you about the challenges in her life and how she fought with them.

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Writing makes a person independent as through writing a person can convey his thoughts in words and express his feelings clearly. Through writing a person can make his thoughts reach all over the world.

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