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Mobile Satellite Systems [MSS]:

Mobile Satellite Systems [MSS] A Seminar on Prepared By: Mr. Tushar Patel [12MECR013]


Contents… Brief History of Satellite communication Why Satellite communication…? Classification of MSS systems LEO Systems MEO Systems HEO Systems How a Satellite Call Get routed…? Intersatellite Call setup Links Handovers in MSS Applications and Limitations of MSS

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Brief History of Satellite communication 1945- Arthur C. Clarke “Extra Terrestrial Relays” 1957- First satellite USSR’s SPUTNIK 1962- Telstar launched 1963- First geostationary satellite SYNCOM 1965- First commercial geostationary satellite “ EarlyBird ”( INTELSAT I ) 240 duplex telephone channels 1 TV channel 1.5 years lifetime 1982- First mobile satellite telephone system INMARSAT-A 1998-Global satellite systems for small mobiles( Iridium & Globalstar ) Currently about 200 geo satellites.

Why Satellite communication…?:

Why Satellite communication…? Advancement in Wireless Technology No Geographical isolation Extension in Existing Network Global level Communication

Classification of MSS systems:

Classification of MSS systems GEOSTATIONARY SATELLITE Circular orbit with Altitude 36000 Km 3-4 Satellites are enough to cover the Earth Can see up to 42000 Km Visibility: 24 Hrs Lifetime: 20-30 Years QUASI-ZENITH SATELLITE Circular orbit at 45* to Equator Altitude 36000KM One satellite fixed near Zenith [JAPAN] 3-4 Satellites are required NON-GEOSTATIONARY SATELLITE LEO MEO HEO

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Low Earth Orbit:

Low Earth Orbit Altitude: 500-2000Km Orbital Period: 5-8 Hr 48 and above Satellites required Visibility: 10-20 Min Lifetime: 4-10 Years LEO Systems IRIDIUM System GLOBALSTAR System TELEDESIC System

Iridium System:

Iridium System





Medium Earth Orbit:

Medium Earth Orbit Altitude: 10000-20000 Km Orbital period: 6-12 Hrs 10-15 Satellites required Visibility: 2-4 Hrs Propagation Delay is Less Set-Up cost is Medium MEO Systems ICO System

ICO System:

ICO System

Overview of LEO/MEO systems:

Overview of LEO/MEO systems

Highly Elliptical Orbit:

Highly Elliptical Orbit Altitude: 40000 Km Orbital period: 8-24 Hrs 2-3 Satellites are required Large propagation Delay Lifetime: 20-25 Years

How a Satellite Call Get routed…?:

How a Satellite Call Get routed…?

Intersatellite Call setup Links:

Intersatellite Call setup Links

Handovers in MSS:

Handovers in MSS Intra satellite Handover from one spot beam to another Mobile station still in footprint of the satellite, but in another cell Inter satellite Handover from one satellite to another satellite Mobile station leaves the footprint of one satellite Gateway Handover from one gateway to another Mobile station still in the footprint of a satellite, but gateway leaves the footprint Inter system Handover from the satellite network to a terrestrial cellular network Mobile station can reach a terrestrial network again which might be cheaper, has a lower latency etc.

Capabilities of MSS system:

Capabilities of MSS system LARGE area Coverage FLEXIBLE networks and services Global connectivity Multimedia Applications Provides High Bandwidth Simple Network Topology Video Conferencing facility Limitations of MSS system Propagation DELAY Doppler Effect Low Link margins Availability of Spectrum Availability of Orbit in Space





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