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The Parts of a Flower Christina Turner Ed 205 Section 05

What are the parts of a flower? : 

What are the parts of a flower? Flowers have many different parts: Steam Sepals Petals Pistils Stigma Style Stamen Filament Anther Resource Page Send Me An Email Quit

The Steam : 

The Steam The steam is the part of the flower that holds it up straight The steam is also in charge of moving water up to the different parts of the flowers as a food source The Steam is also know as the Peduncle Quit

The Sepal : 

The Sepal These are the little leaves on the outside of the petals which protect the flower before it opens The highlighted area in this picture shows us what the sepals look like on the flower and where they are located on the flower Quit

The Petals : 

The Petals The petals are the colorful part of the flower They attract the different types of insects that help to pollinate the flowers Different types of flowers can have different amount of petals. Flowers can also have different colored petals, like red or yellow or pink. Quit

The Pistils : 

The Pistils The different parts of the Pistil are the Female reproductive organs. These parts are the Stigma and the Style The Pistil is the long slender tube that runs down the center of the flower The pistil in the flower look like long rolled tubes of leaves Quit

The Stigma : 

The Stigma The sticky bulb that is found at the center of the flower. If pollen lands on the stigma it then travels down the long tube (the Style) and helps to create the seeds of the flower The Stigma is sticky so that when insects pollinate the flowers the pollen will stick to the stigma Quit

The Style : 

The Style This is the long tube that is attached to the Stigma After the pollen lands on top of the Stigma it travels down the Style to the bottom of the flower The length of the Style depends on the flower. Some flowers have a long Style and some have a short Style. Quit

The Stamen : 

The Stamen The different parts of the Stamen make up the Male Reproductive organs of the flower These parts are the Filament and the Anther They are in charge of making the pollen for the flower The number of Stamen in the flower usually equals the number of petals that the flower has Quit

The Filament : 

The Filament The Filaments are the thin stalks which the Anthers sit on The Filaments are attached to the base of the petals Quit

The Anther : 

The Anther The Anther is the part of the flower which makes the pollen The Anther sits on top of the Filament When an insect rubs up against the Anther, the pollen that is on the Anther transfers to the insect, which they can then use to pollinate other nearby flowers. Quit

Useful Web Pages : 

Useful Web Pages Here are some web pages that I would like you to take a look at. Build Your Own Flower Parts of a Flower Video Quit This video was created by another teacher, to show her students the different parts of a flower and also to be able to recognize them in art work as well

About the Author : 

About the Author Christina Turner is a Sophomore at Grand Valley State University. She is currently studying to become a Special Education Teacher. For her project she choose to make her PowerPoint on the different parts of a flower. Science has always been something that has interested her, so she choose a science related topic for her PowerPoint Quit

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