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DESH BHAGAT ENGINEERING COLLEGE MANDI GOBINDGARH ,PUNJAB Submitted to Submitted by Er.Sandeeep kaur Shwetank Kumar Gupta B-tech , CSE Roll No- 243

Introduction To : 

Introduction To ASP.NET

ASP.NET is one of the most exciting web development technologies on offer today. : 

ASP.NET is one of the most exciting web development technologies on offer today. ASP.NET 2.0, the latest version of Active Server Pages, is Microsoft's technology for building dynamic, database-driven Web sites. ASP.NET is one of the most popular languages for building scalable, interactive Web sites. Several of the highest traffic Web sites on the Internet employs ASP.NET. Prominent examples include The Home Shopping Network, MSN, and the Microsoft site itself.

Fig:- .NET Framework Architecture : 

Fig:- .NET Framework Architecture

“Profile of Problem Assigned “ : 

“Profile of Problem Assigned “ Nowadays, more people like to go shopping, and the shopping mall had become larger and larger, when you go to this kind of shopping mall, you may feel confuse that sometimes you can’t find what you looking for, and it would take a long of time for us to search for the thing we want and compare the prices, so we would like to develop a Shopping System such that we can use it to find out what we want easily and compare their price within a short time. Besides giving benefits to the visitor, it also will provide a way for the shop to have their promotions or special announcements for customers .

Goals and Objective : 

Goals and Objective The shopping system is a website used to bring convenience to the visitor of the shopping mall. It can minimize the time for the customer to find out what they want, it also provide a searchable database for the most of the product so customer can find out what they want easily.

Software Context : 

Software Context Shopping System is a website that allows customers to search for the products that they want in a shorter time. The website will appear in the terminals that are all around, with the help of the website, customer will able to find out what they want and compare the prices easily.

General Description of the project : 

General Description of the project Modules Description There are two main modules in the system Administration Panel User panel

Administration panel : 

Administration panel This part is not for the visitors. In this Panel only the Administrator of the website can enter by his/her credentials. The tasks performed by the administrator are: Handles Category Information. Handles Subject Information. Handles Title Information. Handles Brand Information. Handles Designer Information. Handles Product Information. Handles Stock Information. Handles Order Information. Handles Billing Information. Handles Supplier Information. Handles Reports. Handles Suggestions.

User Panel : 

User Panel This panel is for the visitors of this website. The members and non-member customers can enter into this website but only member customers can reserve products (online shop). The tasks performed by the user are: Login/Create New Login Browse Various Products Reserve Products Enter Suggestions Read Suggestions

Project Scope : 

Project Scope The main goal of the Shopping System is to bring convenience to the visitor of the shopping mall, in order to meet these objectives; some data and functions should be provided.

The software will consist of the following input : 

The software will consist of the following input Administrative information Product information Member information Advertisement information Reserve information All of the above data will store in the database in the server.

The software will also consist of the following functions. : 

The software will also consist of the following functions. Update information Searching for the database Reserve products (Online shopping) Collect the suggestion/comments form the customer Shopping Suggestion for the customer

Characteristics of the system : 

Characteristics of the system More Systematic Convenient to Users Simple Interface Easy Postage and Retrieval of Data High Data Security More Flexible Efficient Monitoring Time Efficient Cost Effective Searchable Database

Shopping System Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) : 

Shopping System Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) Shopping System Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD)

Snapshot ON my : 

Snapshot ON my PROJECT



Create New Login : 

Create New Login



Browse Result : 

Browse Result








SCOPE OF PROJECT The online shopping system will purpose the following scopes in future Franchisee: We can introduce a module called franchisee, with help of which we can expand our business by providing the franchise to any person/firm interested at different locations. In this way we can cover large area of the globe. Payment mode: Right now, we have the only option of Credit Card billing. If desired, Other choice can also be provided which will facilitate us to add a new mode i.e. the customer can pay the order bill out of any three modes namely cash, internet, banking or credit card. New Look and Feel: After studying the complaints and suggestions made by the customers, the administrator can give a new shape this online garments shopping system which will facilitate all the customers to do shopping system with more easiness and according to there choice.




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