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Business Development Management : 

Business Development Management Business Management & Development Management . Business Management & Organizational Panorama. Business Development & Sales Platform. Business Development & Marketing. Business Management & Customers Services. Business Development & Managerial Fundamental Activities. Business Development Manger’s Skills & Techniques. Business Development Manager’s Plan, Strategies‘ & Implementations. Business Management Internal & External Structure--- Based on SWOT Analysis/ Business Managements & Revenue Increase.

Business Management & Development Management ; : 

Business Management & Development Management ; Business Management : “ Nobody Owes me that much Money but a Managed Business Management .” Business Development Management : “ Evaluations, Radical Implementations, Pragmatic Approach, Hyper Excellency In Communication, Dynamic Target Orientation & Revenue Increase …… Its’ all about BDM” Business Development and making your organization successful is reliant on good knowledge of best practice and management theories. Business Development Management involves asking yourself some searching, evolutionary questions. Are you prepared to change to realize the vision created by your own verdicts and thought provoking Ideas.

Business Management & Organizational Panorama : 

Business Management & Organizational Panorama Internal/ External Setup of Organization. Internal/External Market Exploration & Business Level. Two fold Business Strategies/ Corporate Accounts. Individuality / Team Work Panel. Development & Structure / Orientation/ Target Graphs. Existing Business Analysis/Market Analysis/ Provoked Business Thesis. Planning to confront New World /New Ideas/Implementation. Experimentation/Examination/Evaluation/Exploration/Environment ---- 5 E’s Strategy. Fundamentalism/Monitoring/ Decision Making/Acting Practice. Productivity/ Product Knowledge / Enhancement/ Integral Activities. Customers/ Services/ Business Relationships / Leads, Contacts, Links . Revenue Generations .

Business Development & Sales’ Platform : 

Business Development & Sales’ Platform Effective sales people are interpreters and translators (and increasingly educators too) who can enable the complex systems of the buying organization and the selling organization to work together for the benefit of both. Do you Sell a Necessity or a Luxury ?? They are marketed differently. Successful Up Selling ; super-size every sale to double, triple, and quadruple your profits instantly. What is Capture Manager ?? Dedication Makes so ….. Discover the Power of Disruptive Selling; Instead of refining your value proposition, or positioning yourself against the competition, consider being disruptive. Disruptive marketing seeks to overturn the existing dominant approaches by making them obsolete or irrelevant. Instead of looking for a sample or a template to follow, surprise your customers by totally exceeding their expectations.

Business Development & Marketing : 

Business Development & Marketing “ Business has only two functions – Marketing & Innovation. “Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and flux and money is make by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected. Marketing is what you do when your product is no good.’’ Measuring Business Development/Implementing New Business Development Ideas Based on Analysis. Attracting & keeping Customers/Consulting Proposals/Identify New Contract Opportunities. Lead Sources/ Avoid Common Marketing Mistakes/Outline of Technical Marketing Role in Customer’s Meetings. Competitive Analysis Considerations/ Building solid foundation of Marketing Success/Relationship Net Working. What is your Marketing Telling You ?? Have the definition Marketing changed in this New World of Mechanism. When Hunting for the Contracts, Never use a Shotgun What you must know when Marketing is your Business ----- To Consider/ To Configure.

Business Development Management & Customer Services : 

Business Development Management & Customer Services ‘’Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it.It is what the client or customer gets out of it. The Customer is King. If we don’t take care of your customers, someone else will.’’ What are Services?? What are Customer Services ?? Provoked Evaluation. Key Elements/ Configuration. Mode of Services/Pro-activity. Pragmatic Operations… Do’s & Don’ts. Quantity & Quality. Customers Expectations & Satisfaction. Customer’s Psyche. Action for Outstanding Customer Services. Customers Complaints , yet Secure to be your Customer. Customer Demands & Fulfillment. (Further Reference Customer Services Presentation )

Business Development & Managerial Fundamental Activities; : 

Business Development & Managerial Fundamental Activities;

Business Development Manger’s Skills & Techniques. : 

Business Development Manger’s Skills & Techniques. General Communication and Sales Principles : Consider how your beliefs, attitudes and preconceptions impact the outcomes of your sales activities. Recognise how influential your behaviours are on the customer's decisions./Discover how to make your customer-communication 'customer focussed'. Learn a variety of questioning styles, and understand the benefits of asking questions in customer relationship development. Employ empathetic/active listening to understand the customer's needs and establish a mutually beneficial partnership. Discover behaviours to develop rapport with customers./Investigate the verbal, vocal and visual aspects of communication. Develop positive speech and body language behaviours. Understand what it takes to generate a relationship of trust and respect. Consider what motivates customers, and understand the power of 'speaking their language'. Translate your company's features into benefits to motivate clients to do business with you. Conducting Client Sales Visits : Understand the four stages of a sales visit. Develop questioning techniques to reveal client needs, and develop their awareness of the need for your product/services. Present your product/service and company's features in the form of solutions that benefit the client/solve their problems and meet their needs./Understand the principles for effective objection handling. Transform interest into business via effective closing behaviours Adopt a process to promote clarity, completeness and results-oriented follow up in business communication. Generating Customer Loyalty : Understand it takes more than 'satisfaction' to generate customer loyalty. Consider the importance of service process as well as service outcome. Look into managing and exceeding client expectations.  Discuss 'Impression Points' - what they are, and how we can enhance them. Dealing with complaints and dissatisfactions - transforming these into opportunities to deepen the customer relationship and loyalty. Behaviours that create the perception of service excellence.   .

Business Development Manager’s Plan, Strategies‘ & Implementations. : 

Business Development Manager’s Plan, Strategies‘ & Implementations.

Business Management Internal & External Structure--- Based on SWOT Analysis.......Business Managements & Revenue Increase. : 

Business Management Internal & External Structure--- Based on SWOT Analysis.......Business Managements & Revenue Increase.

Business Development Management ; …..‘Sum Up Theory ‘ : 

Business Development Management ; …..‘Sum Up Theory ‘ You can avoid a train wreck at the end of every proposal Success requires more than simply enforcing the schedule. We'll enable you to make sure that everyone has the information needed to complete their assignments, that assignments are completed correctly, and that the proposal achieves what is necessary to win. We've built all of the notifications, expectation management, validation, and progress monitoring needed into our process so that you can avoid the train wreck at the end.

Vital Massage : : 

Vital Massage : ’’ Business & Professionals Honor You when You Honor Your Commitments …… A Manger Approaches, A Business Development Manager Confirms with high Perception, Calculated Configuration & Power of Persuasions .‘’ Created & Prepared By : Farah Tufail

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