Explore the Various Serums Offered by TULA Skincare

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Probiotics and superfoods packed with antioxidants are ingredients you may want to try as part of your skin care routine this fall. TULA Skincare’s clean, effective formulas are powered by healthy, natural probiotics and superfoods such as turmeric and blueberries. Discover one of the starter kits available from TULA Skincare to give it a try. Each of their three kits are curated by skin concern.


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Explore the Various Serums Offered by TULA Skincare

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Explore the Various Serums Offered by TULA Skincare TULA Skincare offers a great selection of high-performing serums for every skin concern. Take your skin care routine to the next level with a targeted serum. Whether your concern is dull dry stressed or aging skin TULA Skincare has the right serum for you. After using a facial cleansing oil or any of the current cleansers offered by TULA Skincare you may want to add a serum layer to your routine followed by a moisturizer. Here are a few of their clean and effective serums to consider which include probiotics plus superfoods to give you targeted benefits in a lightweight concentrated formula. Illuminating Serum Target the look of dull skin dark spots and hyperpigmentation with this lightweight serum. The formula contains vitamin E an antioxidant that helps promote a youthful appearance citrus extracts and pearlescent pigments to visibly brighten and boost skin’s radiance and chicory root a natural anti-inflammatory prebiotic that helps boost the look of firmer skin. The probiotics in this serum help lock in moisture. Volume Defense Deep Wrinkle Serum Address the look of deep wrinkles and lines with this concentrated serum which combines natural probiotics and vitamin C in the form of apple extract. The formula also contains other skin-loving ingredients like blueberries an antioxidant-rich superfood and chicory root a natural prebiotic with anti-inflammatory properties to boost the appearance of firmer skin. After cleansing you can apply a thin layer of this serum to your skin and follow with a moisturizer for added hydration.

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Aqua Infusion Power Liquid Especially great for dehydrated skin this supercharged serum is light like a liquid. It contains 10000 micro-bubbles filled skin-healthy ingredients such as prickly pear to calm the appearance of stressed skin a hyaluronic acid blend to plump and hydrate the appearance of skin and hydrating probiotics. Follow with the Aqua Infusion Oil-Free Gel Cream as your moisturizer to lock in all of the beneficial ingredients. Visit TULA Skincare’s website to learn more about these clean effective serums. The brand also carries high-quality eye cream options high-performing moisturizing and cleansers and a daily probiotic supplement. Find your go-to products packed with probiotics and superfoods online with TULA Skincare. Learn more about TULA Skincare at https://www.tula.com/

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