Restore the Natural Balance of Your Skin with TULA Skincare’s Probioti

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All TULA Skincare products are designed to restore the natural balance of your skin. Their clean, toxin-free formulas combine probiotics with superfoods like blueberries and turmeric to deeply nourish the skin. Adding probiotic skincare to your daily routine will help nourish and hydrate your skin. To find the best products for you, take TULA Skincare’s Skin Quiz and explore their complete collection of probiotic skincare.


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Restore the Natural Balance of Your Skin with TULA Skincare’s Probiotic Products You’ve probably heard great things about probiotics for your digestive health but did you know the skin responds just as well to certain probiotic skincare products when applied topically Get ready to rethink healthy skin with TULA Skincare’s line of products with high-quality formulas that contain nourishing ingredients and good-for-you probiotics. The company is built on the belief that the same ingredients that are good for your body are also good for your skin. That’s why TULA Skincare uses powerful probiotics as the foundation for all of their products including their Purifying Cleanser Hydrating Day Night Cream Acne Clearing + Tone Correcting Gel and much more. The same beneficial microorganisms known to balance and calm the stomach are also clinically proven to help promote the appearance of your skin’s natural balance lock in moisture and reduce the look of inflammation when applied to your face. Take a look at what is in TULA Skincare’s probiotic formulas and what each ingredient does for the skin: ● Probiotics: calm strengthen and soothe ● Apple: rich in vitamin C ● Ceramides: lock in moisture ● Lactic Acid: alpha hydroxy acid resurfaces ● Blueberry: antioxidant

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● Citrus: vitamin C ● Chicory: prebiotic and anti-inflammatory ● Glycolic Acid: resurfaces and brightens ● Turmeric: anti-inflammatory ● Hyaluronic Acid: super hydrator ● Rice Protein: aids skin tone and texture ● Watermelon: super hydrator ● Vitamin E: helps dry and distressed skin ● Kefir: soothes calms and hydrates ● Prickly Pear: soothes and hydrates Meanwhile TULA Skincare does not contain ingredients that have been clinically shown to be carcinogenic toxic harsh allergens or irritants. TULA Skincare’s products are 100 free of: ● Parabens: preservatives ● Petrolatum: petrochemical ● Mineral Oil: processed petroleum ● Triclosan: antifungal antibacterial agent ● Phthalates: plasticizers ● Sodium Lauryl Sulfates: surfactant ● TEA MEA EAT BHT DEA: emulsifiers foaming agents Since TULA Skincare is committed to skin health and balance they want you to choose products that will work well with your skin type needs and concerns. Take their brief Skin Quiz to receive product recommendations. In addition to topical skin products they also carry a probiotic for skincare daily supplement that contains three probiotic strains to help with digestive and skin health ceramides to help skin retain moisture and vitamin C to improve skin’s tone and texture. Explore TULA Skincare’s complete line of probiotic products at

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