Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Warehouse and Transportation Worker

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Warehouse and Transportation Workers 888-529-8427


Both the transportation and warehousing industries are considered mid- to high-risk industries because of the number of accidents that occur. 888-529-8427


Potential hazards in these types of industries include: Heavy equipment Dangerous tools Heights Outdoor hazards (weather, heat, climate, etc.) Large vehicles 888-529-8427


No matter the nature of your industry, if you were hurt while working in a warehouse or during a transportation job, the Workers’ Comp attorneys at Tuggle, Schiro & Lichtenberger can help you with your Workers’ Compensation claim. Call our attorneys today for a free consultation. 888-529-8427


Understanding Workers’ Comp for Warehouse and Transportation Workers 888-529-8427


Sadly, warehouse workers face serious risks when they go to work every day. Getting hurt on the job or even killed while working in a warehouse is a very real possibility. If this happens to you or to a family member, the losses, injuries and medical bills can be devastating. 888-529-8427


If you work in a warehouse, your job tasks may include loading trucks, heavy lifting, labeling, inventory management, assembling items and packaging orders. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were more than 340,000 workers filling these positions in 2012. And, according to the 2011 statistics, there were 5.5 workplace injuries for every 100 full-time workers including: 888-529-8427


Forklift accidents Overexertion injuries Truck wrecks Being hit by objects Injuries from falls Loading dock injuries 888-529-8427


Any of these injuries can happen to you if you working in a warehouse or in transportation. Unfortunately, these injuries can be fatal or cause lasting harm that puts an end to the labor-intensive and physically demanding career of a warehouse worker. If you’re badly hurt or a family member has been killed, it’s important you know that Workers’ Compensation laws protect you if you get hurt on the job. 888-529-8427


A Workers’ Comp lawyer from Tuggle, Schiro & Lichtenberger can help you to understand your legal rights, choose the best course of action and help get you the Workers’ Comp benefits you deserve. Contact us now for a free consultation. 888-529-8427


Your Options After a Warehouse or Transportation Injury 888-529-8427


If you work in the warehouse or transportation injury, you have the right to a safe workplace. And you should be able to return home from work every day injury-free. Unfortunately, your job as a warehouse or transportation worker is a dangerous one, and injuries are all too common. 888-529-8427


Workers’ Compensation Benefits – To qualify for Workers’ Comp benefits, you must make a work-injury claim against your employer through the Workers’ Compensation system. The Workers’ Comp system was put into place to say that you cannot file a lawsuit against your employer. The fact that workers’ compensation claims are strict liability claims is beneficial to you since the law also says that you have no obligation to prove your employer did anything wrong or contributed to your injury in any way.  888-529-8427


Workers’ Compensation Benefits In other words, you can get Workers’ Compensation benefits for any injury you suffer on the job regardless of your employer’s actions. The job of an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney at Tuggle, Schiro & Lichtenberger is to make sure you get all of the benefits that you deserve, including medical benefits, temporary or permanent disability benefits or death benefits if you have lost a family member to a warehouse or transportation accident. 888-529-8427


Personal Injury Lawsuit –The normal Workers’ Comp rules say you can’t sue your employer, but you could potentially sue a third party if someone else was to blame for your work accident. A personal injury lawsuit allows you to seek financial compensation that isn’t available through Workers’ Compensation, such as payment of damages for pain and suffering or for loss of companionship if your loved one was killed. 888-529-8427


The Attorneys at Tuggle, Schiro & Lichtenberger Help Injured Warehouse and Transportation Employees At Tuggle, Schiro & Lichtenberger, our Workers’ Comp and Personal Injury lawyers know just how terrible it is to get hurt on the job and to worry about your medical bills and financial future. We’ll use our legal knowledge and experience to do everything possible to get maximum compensation for you and your family. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your case. 888-529-8427


Call Tuggle, Schiro and Lichtenberger, 217-443-1721, today to discuss your Workers' Compensation claim. 888-529-8427

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