The Brown Legacy: Chapter 1.2

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The Brown Legacy:

The Brown Legacy Chapter 1.2

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A few weeks later, Tori took a day off of work . She was achy and nauseous and was throwing up constantly. She thought that it was just a bad batch of Goopy Carbonara, so she just waited it out. When the stomach pains didn’t stop, Tori decided to visit the doctor. He asked her if there was any chance that she could be pregnant. Tori burst out laughing. She couldn’t believe that she hadn’t thought of that. She said that there was a chance that she was pregnant. So, the doctor ran a few tests and was pleased to tell Tori that she was expecting her first child.

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As soon as Tori got home from her doctor appointment, she rushed out to the orchard to tell Hank. He was quite confused because she looked thrilled, even though she had gone to the doctor feeling very ill. “Hank, sweetie, I have the best news in the entire world! We are going to have a baby!” Hank was beyond thrilled! His dream was to raise five (or more) children. Most of all, he knew that Tori was going to be a great mother. “Baby, I am so happy! But we better get you inside, the sun is out pretty strong, I don’t want you to get overheated.” Tori simply laughed and shook her head at her husband’s ridiculous attitude.

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Tori’s pregnancy progressed very well. Both she and Hank wanted the gender of the baby to be a surprise. But Hank did have a special request regarding the baby’s name. “Tori, you know that I am obsessed with the history of Ancient Egypt. Do you think that we could name our children after famous figures in Egypt?” Tori couldn’t help but smile. Hank was so cute and happy, she couldn’t resist but say yes.

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Hank and Tori were anticipating the birth of their child with great excitement. After what seemed like eternity, the big day finally arrived. However, things did not go as smooth as anticipated. There were some complications and mom and baby had to stay in the hospital for about a week. Hank never left his wife and child’s side. Although Tori begged him to return to the farm so that the crops wouldn’t rot in the field. “Tori, that doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is you and the baby. “ Tori was touched by her husband’s dedication, but was worried what this meant for their financial situation.

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Finally, after a week in the hospital, Hank and Tori were finally able to bring home their beautiful baby girl. Although they didn’t have the nicest of houses, there was no paint on the walls or carpet on the floor of the main room, but it was still home for the Brown family. According to Hank’s wishes, they named their daughter Hatshepsut, after the famous Egyptian pharaoh. Hank had read in his many books on history that she is regarded as one of the most successful pharaohs, even though she was a woman. Hank hoped that the name would be a lucky omen for her. The name was a bit of a mouthful for such a small girl, so they decided to call her Hattie for short.

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Tori embraced motherhood. She had been given some time off from her job from the politics track, but she dreaded the day that she had to go back. She loved spending every day with her daughter. Hank had to go back to the fields right away. He had lost an entire harvest while his girls were in the hospital. He wasn’t sure that he could make up the loss.

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In what seemed like the blink of an eye, it was Hattie’s birthday. For the past couple weeks, Hank and Tori had been discussing having another child. Tori was enthusiastic, but was slightly worried that her next delivery would be as disastrous as the first. Hank desperately wanted another child, to fulfill his dream, but didn’t want to put his wife in danger. The fact that he was having a hard time paying the bills didn’t help either.

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Hattie grew up into a thriving and intelligent toddler. She loved playing with her block stet, but what she loved more was sitting outside, watching her father tend to the crops. Hank was so proud that his little girl loved the outdoors as much as he did. It made him smile every time he saw her sitting on the other side of the fence in her playpen. In the meantime, Tori had returned to work. Her doctor had recommend that she work half time, her body was still healing from the difficult birth. This did not do much for the family’s financial stability. But, Tori did not see any other option.

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Although the couple was actively trying for a second child, Tori couldn’t seem to get pregnant. She knew that it was possibly due to her delivery of Hattie, but that didn’t stop her from being sad. Hank tried to comfort her the best he could, but he wasn’t so sure that he wanted a second child right away. With the last crop rotation failing and a less then perfect climate for his next set of crops, money was tight. All of this was causing him immense amount of stress. But, Tori wanted another child so bad, he couldn’t help but to discuss a drastic measure with her. “Hank, I think that we should adopt a child. There are so many babies out there, without parents. We could bring one into our family.”

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That was how little Ramses was brought into the family. The morning after their discussion, Hank and Tori called a social worker and asked if they could file paperwork to adopt a baby boy. The social worker came over the next morning and approved the Browns for adoption. Hank decided to name is son Ramses after the great Egyptian pharaoh. He ruled over Egypt for many years and lived a long and healthy life. As with Hattie’s name, Hank wished that it held good luck for his youngest child.

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Ramses was a very good baby. He hardly ever cried and often cooed in happiness. Although a second child added more financial burden on the family, Hank couldn’t be more happy. Since Hattie became a toddler, he had forgotten the joys of having a baby in the house.

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Hattie still remained the apple of Hank’s eye. Although she had her mother’s skin and eyes, she had inherited her father’s personality. Hank dreaded the day that his baby girl would grow up and have to leave the comfort of home to go to school. A/N: Don’t you love how Hattie matches the wall, lol 

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About a week after Ramses’ adoption, Tori had some news for her husband. “Hank, you are not going to believe this, but I am pregnant!”

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