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Make an Inference : 

Make an Inference Read Between the Lines

What is an inference? : 

What is an inference? An inference is something that you conclude based partly on evidence and partly on your own knowledge. When you make an inference, you read something, add what you know to it, and draw a conclusion. You put “two and two together” or “read between the lines”.

Did you know you make inferences everyday in the real world? : 

Did you know you make inferences everyday in the real world? You compare things. You evaluate situations. You make predictions. These skills help you to choose friends, settle argument, and make decisions. Which toy would I enjoy playing with? Is the computer project not going well? Will the baseball game be canceled?

How do I make inferences when I read? : 

How do I make inferences when I read? The school is brightly lit, even though it is 7:00 P.M. Parents rush from the parking lot into the front door. Student ushers direct them to the gym. Inside the gym, there are 100 folding chairs set up in rows. All the teachers in the school sit up front, facing the chairs. The principal stands at the podium and waits for the crowd to settle down. A large poster hangs on the wall near the principal. It says: Welcome Parents!!!! Raise your hand if you’re looking forward to a great school year! Adapted From: Reader’s Handbook: A Student Guide for Reading and Learning

After Reading Make an Inference : 

After Reading Make an Inference

With Your Partner Make an Inference : 

With Your Partner Make an Inference The principal stands at a podium facing the chairs. The parents and students are sitting in the chairs. On Back-To-School night my principal talks to the parents and students about the new school year. It’s Back-To-School night so the principal is going to speak to the parents and students.

Let’s Practice : 

Let’s Practice Oh, I had a balloon. It was round, it was red. Such a lovely balloon, Almost as big as my head. But I heard a loud noise, And I looked around to see. For I wondered just what, Made that loud noise at me.

More Practice : 

More Practice The Snow-Bird By Frank Dempster Sherman   When all the ground with snow is white the merry snow-bird comes. And hops about with great delight to find the scattered crumbs.   How glad he seems to get to eat a piece of cake or bread! He wears no shoes upon feet, nor hat upon his head.   But happiest is he, I know, because no cage with bars keeps him from walking on the snow and printing it with stars.

You Can Make Inferences About the Setting : 

You Can Make Inferences About the Setting After reading you can picture a setting, you are “reading” the setting. You need to read between the lines and make inferences about what it tells you. Usually the setting tells you: about the feeling, or mood, of the moment about how characters feel or what they are like about something new that is about to happen in the plot

Check Out This Example : 

Check Out This Example The house stood at the top of the hill surrounded by twisted, bare trees. The girl shivered in the cold wind and brushed the wet snow from her shoes. She remembered her nice, warm home in Florida with its sandy beaches and bright sunshine. Slowly, she walked towards her new home.

With Your Partner Make an Inference : 

With Your Partner Make an Inference Fireworks lit the night in flashes of red, blue, green, and yellow. Children ran across the green grass waving sparklers. Parents sat on blankets and drank icy drinks to cool off. Laughter could be heard across the field.

Let’s Practice : 

Let’s Practice Warm sand shifted under my feet as I walked across the beach. The soothing sound of the waves calmed my thoughts. A soft breeze made the heat of the day feel like a warm cozy blanket in winter. I hope this day never ends.

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