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Monica’s Canberra PowerPoint:

Monica’s Canberra PowerPoint

Parliament of Australia:

Parliament of Australia In the parliament house there is 150 members in the house of reps. In the parliament house of Australia there are two rooms name the Senate and the house of rep. Exit Click the picture to see closer

The House of Representatives:

The House of Representatives In the house of reps the colour that represents it is green. Bills are made in the house of reps. In the senate there are many memories The house of Representatives makes laws and rules so it can be a better place. Exit Click the picture to see closer

The Senate:

The Senate The Senate is the upper house out of parliament house. The senate was one of the modelled after the united states senate. The senate is part of parliament house because they also make laws as well like the house of reps. The senate has two first official call a Spartan Gerousia and Roman senate. Exit Click the picture to see closer

Prime Minister :

Prime Minister In 2007 Julia Gillard became a deputy prime minister. Julia Gillard was the first female Prime Minister. Exit

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