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Helpful question: clear and relevant. Need a straightforward answer. Mumbled question: speaker is not sure what has been asked. Try to state clearly the question for the rest of the audience, then answer it. If too uncertain of the mumble, ask the questioner to repeat.

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‘Murky’ question: obscure as questioner uses phraseology. Try to rephrase the question answer it quickly. Don’t give him the chance to comment. Peripheral question: questioner raises a side issue or a remote issue. Appeal for help from the rest of the audience (even feed the question back to the questioner ) or promise to answer it after the presentation.

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Clever question: the one designed to set a trap or to be critical. The speaker may need to repeat the question to gain thinking time for himself or simply rephrase it before starting to answer. The presenter can also use the same techniques as the ones for peripheral question.

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