Show off Your True Styes- Hair Ideas for Spring


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Wanna be a mesmerizing diva at your friend's spring party? Try any of these hairstyles for spring, and make the heads turn around, who ever pass by.


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After the cooler months have come to an end the days start to warm up and our boots and scarves make their way back into the depths of our closets we wanted to give you a ‘head up’ for what spring hair trends will be this coming season. At ​Tsiknaris Hair we love nothing more than a new season style utilising the change for a makeover and revamping your look. Here are a few styling tips to keep you looking your best for Spring. Boho waves: Boho waves seem to grace us with their presence in the warmer seasons as we long for those sunny summer days to return. Boho waves are easy to achieve and easy to maintain. It is all about the ‘undone’ look so you don’t have to be a pro at curling your hair to experience one of this seasons sought after trends. Team up your ​Alterna Bamboo Boho waves texture mist sea salt spray with some dry shampoo this will help them last for a couple of days. The trick to achieving this look is take big sections starting at the back of your head working up placing your straightener in at the roots twisting half way around then quickly sliding the straighten to the ends of the hair. It doesn’t matter which directing you curl as we want that erratic movement to the hair. Also try and keep the fast momentum when gliding the straightener through to the ends as this will achieve a softer wave if you move the straightener to slow the wave will turn

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into a tight curl. When you have waved all sections of the hair use a wide tooth comb to brush from roots to ends to define and separate your waves. Finish with a light spritz of Boho Waves texture mist sea salt spray to add a soft texture to the style. This look should now last you two to three days just by re-energizing the style each morning with your wide tooth comb and a small amount of dry shampoo and Boho Waves texture mist. Bombshell Blowouts: It’s all about embracing your inner Brigitte Bardot this spring with big sexy sleek blowouts and bouncy curls. When it comes to achieving the ‘holy grail’ of any blow-dry it’s all about the brush work. This can be hard to achieve yourself so we recommend pampering yourself on a special occasion and visiting your preferred salon. It takes a lot of training and time to achieve these stunning blow-dries and the professionals will know what to use to make it last as long as possible. We recommend using Alterna Caviar Thick and full volume mousse applying through damp hair before blow drying and styling for a longer lasting finish. Braids: We saw ​skilled hairdressers ​achieving a variety of braids this season. Anything from tight clean cornrows to undone relaxed classic braids. A simple 3 strand braid is all you need to know to experience this season’s trend. Simply doing a loose braid through the top section of hair and tieing it into a half up half down style will set you in the right direction. Then pulling out small bits of hair will soften the look. You can use a texture mist over the style to define any fly a ways. Long Pony Tails: Sleek long full bodied high or low pony tails can be casual or sophisticated and are a great way to update any outfit. This simple yet effective style is easy to replicate at home. A sneaky tip to hide the unsightly hair tie is to gather a small section of hair under the pony tail and wrap it around the pony tail then secure in place with a bobby pin try and secure the bobby pin up and under the pony tail this will make it looks seamless.

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