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Mrs. Walker’s Classroom Expectations:

Mrs. Walker’s Classroom Expectations

Welcome! Today is August 6, 2014:

Welcome! Today is August 6, 2014 Bell Work Copy any Homework for Language Arts into your BLMS agenda. It can also be found on the whiteboard in the back of the room. Complete Time Capsule worksheet from the Inbox Learning Targets I can explain why procedures are necessary for a successful classroom. I can follow classroom expectations effectively. Homework: Get a three-prong folder and a composition notebook.

Language Arts- Room 213 Mrs. Walker :

Language Arts- Room 213 Mrs. Walker Graduated from UL This is my fourth year at Bullitt Lick Grew up in Bullitt County My Family My Interests Why I wanted to teach

What are we doing this year?:

What are we doing this year?

Mrs. Walker’s Expectations:

Mrs. Walker’s Expectations Be on time and prepared. Stay on Task. Follow CHAMPS for each activity. Respect yourself, others, and property. Keep your dear teacher happy. Consequences : Positive - paws pass, first to leave, free time, reward day Negative - warning, apology letter, action plan, cross team, phone call, referral

PowerPoint Presentation:

C onversation H elp A ctivity M ovement P articipation S uccess !!!

Behavior Game:

Behavior Game Earn positive and negative points as a class. Independent Group Chance to earn daily/weekly rewards

Other Expectations:

Other Expectations Gum is allowed, but if I see it I will ask you to throw it away. Only water in a clear water bottle is allowed in class. (this is a school rule) Bring Your Own Device- You will need to have a signed AUP before you can bring the device to class. I should only see it on days when I have specifically asked you to bring them. I will hand these out sometime next week.

Why are procedures important?:

Why are procedures important? A procedure is the way that we do things. To do things right, we have to follow some simple procedures, for example: To open your locker, you have to select your combination as directed by the lock manufacturer. What are some other examples of times you may need to follow procedures?

Entering Class:

Entering Class Line up outside of door against the lockers. Wait until the other class leaves before you enter. Be on time with all required materials (Notebook, Folder, Paper, and Pencil) Pick up any papers in the Inbox (on the table by the door) Sit in your assigned seat Place any homework on your desk Copy the Homework section in your BLMS Agenda Begin Bell Work Immediately (it will always be on the board) Let’s Practice!


Tardy If you have an excuse note just lay it on my desk Sign Clip Board by Door if you are late and do not have a note After 4 unexcused tardies it is an automatic office referral Just be on time 

Getting Quiet (Give Me 5):

Getting Quiet (Give Me 5) 5) Eyes on Speaker 4) Quiet 3) Be Still 2) Hands Free (Put things down) 1) Listen Let’s Practice!

Lunch Bunch (11:16-11:41):

Lunch Bunch (11:16-11:41) Walk silently in a line to cafeteria You may get your lunch out of your locker on the way. Use the restroom on your way to the cafeteria. Stay in assigned seat in cafeteria Pick up your trash Use appropriate voice levels Walk quietly back to the room and sit in your assigned seat.

Hall Pass :

Hall Pass Every time you need to leave the room (other than if you are called by the office or another teacher) you will have to write out a pass in your agenda on the date Only two passes per week Take a pass off my locker when you leave the room No agenda? No Potty. If you need to leave the room, hold your agenda up. You will need your agenda to go to the library also. Please use the passes in the back. 10-10 Rule Try not to go during direct instruction

Getting out of Seat:

Getting out of Seat No movement during direct instruction. Raise your pencil if you need to use the pencil sharpener. Wait for permission. If you need help or have a question raise your hand. If you need to use the restroom hold up your agenda. Wait for permission.

Paper Heading:

Paper Heading Mrs. Walker Class A 8-6-14 Name Period Date

After an Excused Absence:

After an Excused Absence Check the Make-Up Work Box Find the file for the day you missed Take out any worksheets in the file. If you need help you can ask during independent practice or I can help you after school. Don’t forget that assignments are also on the class web page:

When finished with assignments…:

When finished with assignments… Work on any unfinished assignments. Read your independent novel. Complete an entry in your Reader Response Journal. Free write in your Writer’s Notebook.


Grading I will use the school grading scale 100-90%= A 89-80%=B 79-70%= C 69-60%=D 59-0%= F Grades for daily worksheets/participation/quizzes Large grades for Reading Response Journal, Writer’s Notebook, Expert Tests/Projects, and Writing Pieces

Summative Assessment Re-Take:

Summative Assessment Re-Take You may re-take summative assessments at any point during the year. In order to re-take an assessment you must prove to me that you have studied by meeting with me either before or after school. Once we have met, you can fill out a re-take request form and schedule a time to re-take the test.

Leaving Class:

Leaving Class The bell does not dismiss you, I do. Check the floor for trash and clean up your area. Turn in any assignments to the Outbox (on the table by the door) Make sure you take all your materials with you.

Will my teacher treat me fairly? :

Will my teacher treat me fairly? YES, YES, YES! I follow the same rules as you do and I wouldn’t be respecting others if I didn’t treat each one of you fairly. Your definition and my definition of fair may be different. I will hold all of you to the same expectations. Remember that I care about you and want nothing more than to see you be successful and reach your dreams!

Letter to Mrs. Walker:

Letter to Mrs. Walker Tell me about you. What are your likes and dislikes? What do you like about reading/writing? What about reading and writing is hard for you? What can Mrs. Walker do to help you become a better reader and writer this year? Is there anything I should know about you? (learning style, home life, extracurricular activities)

It is going to be a wonderful year!:

It is going to be a wonderful year!

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