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If you are tired of acting as the bank after selling your Real Estate and owner-financing the loan with a promissory note, we can offer a sound and painless exit strategy today. We can fund the purchase in as little as 15 business days. We at Cash Note USA buy Real Estate Promissory Notes Nationwide. We Purchase Owner Financed Mortgage, Land Contract, Contract For Deed, Deed Of Trust, Private Mortgages, Secured Notes, Business Notes, Commercial Notes and Partial Notes and many kinds of seller carry back mortgage notes. Convert Real Estate Note To Cash Now. Sell Your Mortgage Note Fast & get More Cash For Your Note. You will get a Fair Offer Within 24 Hours.Get your Note cashed today! Trussville AL Mortgage Note Buyers is a note buyer all over the nation. Convert your mortgage payments into cash. Simple closing process. We buy Promissory Notes, Real Estate Trust Deeds, Seller Carry Back Notes, Land Contract, Contract for Deed, Privately Help Notes, Commercial Mortgage Notes & Business Promissory Notes. Contact Us: Trussville AL Mortgage Note Buyers 4309 Wind Song Cir, # H Trussville, AL 35173 Phone: 205-598-6398 Email: Website:


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Trussville AL Mortgage Note Buyers – Who Exactly Are These professionals and Precisely How Can certainly They Really help Individuals Real Estate Mortgage Note Buyers Trussville AL is simply an individual that can get you a lump sum of cash money promptly for the near future monthly payments you are scheduled to collect. Thus if anyone took back a mortgage or seller financed your home or commercial property when you sold it and are getting monthly payments you will be given a fat check in place of those potential monthly payments. The note purchaser will then receive the monthly payments in place of you with no changes for the individual making those monthly payments. This is an incredibly simple and easy method. This is regarded as the “cash flow” sector. The “cash flow” sector was created due to the forces of supply and demand and it has now filled the void left by traditional lending sources for instance financial institutions. Just Why do Trussville AL Mortgage Note Buyers doing so – What’s in it for these people Real Estate Mortgage Note Buyers Trussville AL and the firms they deal with or for are all about the investment portfolio or longer term wealth. It pays for them to collect monthly payment streams that bring them in a consistent cash flow on a monthly basis. The difference between them and you is that they have lots of these payment streams coming in and it builds up for them. They also don’t mind waiting long years to collect these payments. It’s a good investment. Call Today: 205-598-6398. Trussville AL Mortgage Note Buyers can easily get you cash for:  Owner-Financed Mortgage Notes  Land Contracts  Contracts for Deed  Deed of Trust  Trust Deed

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 Promissory Notes Some note purchasers work all over the country and some work a smaller sized targeted area. They are all different. Some deal with many kinds of residential or commercial properties and some only with single-family properties. Here is a list of the sorts of real estates many mortgage note buyers deal with:  Single Family Residences  Duplexes  Condos  Town Homes  Apartment Buildings  Commercial Buildings  Land improved or unimproved.  Mobile Homes with Land.  Not all mortgage note buyers deal with every item listed above so check to make certain they can possibly do the kind of deal you need. An excellent contract note buyer will have many programs available to suit your needs in selling off your future monthly payments. Whether you desire to sell all or just a part of your future monthly payments. Some options include:. 1. Full Purchase – The purchase of all of your future monthly payments for one lump sum of cash. 2. Partial Purchase – The purchase of a specified number of your future payments for a lump sum of cash now. 3. Split Payment Purchase – The purchase of a specified monthly amount of money. Specifically how to Selling Off Your Mortgage Note – Quick and Easy. For you to ensure a smooth note dealing it would be smart as a well informed note seller to have the following paperworks accessible before sending your note to a Note Investor for acquisition. These are documents that you your attorney or your real estate agent should have on file from the sale of the subject residential or commercial property. Just a call away 205-598-6398. The paperworks are as follows:.  Copy of Note.  Copy of Trust Deed Mortgage or Land Contract.  Escrow instructions from a real estate sale in which the “Contract” was created.  Escrow closing statement from a real estate sale in which the “Contract” was created.  Title insurance policy which ensures the “Contract”.  Fire insurance information on the property which secures the “Contract”.  Appraisal from the time of sale or thereafter when possible.  Few images of the subject property when possible.  Tenant Rental Contract if applicable – rental property note. Once these documents are in order to move forward with submitting your mortgage note for acquisition to a note purchaser. Usually with the more professional note buyers you can fill a quick submission form via the internet. Call Now: 205-598-6398. Right after submitting your note it should take 48 business hours to obtain a Soft Quote. The definition of a soft Quote is the preliminary dollar amount we are willing to purchase before verification of information.

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Once the soft Quote is decided upon the note investor does some preliminary investigating into the note info submitted i.e. credit report real estate valuation etc. This typically takes 72 business hours. The quote is subject to change if the original note info submitted is incorrect. That is why it is very important to get as exact as possible when submitting your note submission form initially. In this manner nothing will change throughout the underwriting period and you will get the funds you need. The more detailed and prepared you are the less you have to worry about Call now we can help 205-598- 6398. Once the preliminary verification occurs the note investor will establish the Firm Offer to the note seller. Once Real Estate Mortgage Note Buyers Trussville AL has been assured and all the above documents are in the possession of the note buyer the underwriting activity will commence. This includes arranging drive-by appraisal examining the title for liens verifying all note details. Contact us today at 205-598-6398. Closing instruction and date will be established and the transaction is finalized. From front to Back assuming every one of the above documents are in your possession it should take 2-3 weeks to receive your check. The options are truly limitless. To conclude Real Estate Mortgage Note Buyers Trussville AL main goal is to create a “Win-Win” situation that gets you the money you need when you need it. Intend to combine charge cards take care of college tuition take a well-deserved holiday acquire a new or second house or purchase other business opportunities Well if you are collecting payments on a seller-financed note a Mortgage Note Buyer can really help you accomplish those goals. Contact Trussville AL Mortgage Note Buyers Right now or submit the Quick Quote Form. About Trussville AL. Trussville is a city in Jefferson and St. Clair counties in the State of Alabama. It is a suburb of Birmingham and part of the Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan Statistical Area. Its population at the 2010 census was 19933. Trussville has been recognized as one of the most livable cities in the state and country. It was named one of the ten best towns in Alabama for young families listed among the five best Birmingham suburbsand included in Money magazine’s list of 100 best places to live in America. Contact Us: Trussville AL Mortgage Note Buyers 4309 Wind Song Cir H Trussville AL 35173 Phone: 205-598-6398 Email: Website:

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