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Instrument: Vocals, guitar Specialty: Angst-ridden, soul-rending, growling, loud-ass vocals Birthday: August 3, 1963 From: Los Angeles, California Vitals: 6'1" & 180 lbs (1.85 meters & 81.65 kilos); blond hair & blue eyes Marital status: Married with 3 children Drives: Chevy Blazer, Dodge Ram, '55 Chevy BelAir Food: Mexican, meat-n-potatoes, Bar-B-Que, Oysters Sports teams: Oakland Raiders, San Jose Sharks, D.C. United Before Metallica: Played in Obsession, Leather Charm Pre-Metallica career: Worked in sticker printing factory Likes: Hunting, hot-rods, anonymity, snowboarding, street hockey, wave boarding, cigars, choppers, guns, wood work Listens to: Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Skynyrd, Thin Lizzy, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Spaghetti Western Soundtracks Heroes: Clint Eastwood, Pops Hetfield First concert: Aerosmith & AC/DC, 1978, Long Beach, California Movies: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; Easy Rider; Sling Blade, Pulp Fiction; Vanishing Point Describes himself as: Rugged, honest, stubborn

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Instrument: Drums Specialty: Pounding, driving rhythms Birthday: December 26, 1963 From: Gentofte, Denmark Vitals: 5'7" & 130 lbs (1.7 meters & 58.97 kilos) ; blond/brown hair & green eyes Marital status: Married with 2 children Drives: Porsche, Chevy Blazer, Range Rover, Saab Drinks: Dry white wine, Evian, tea Eats: French food, tuna, sushi, frozen yogurt Sports teams: San Jose Sharks, San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Before Metallica: None Pre-Metallica career: Paper boy, gas station attendant Likes: Hanging with my wife, running, scuba diving, skiing, movies, fashion, art Listens to: Oasis, AIC, Black Grape, my wife Heroes: Guillermo Vilas (Argentinian tennis player), Ritchie Blackmore, Ace Frehley First concert: Deep Purple, 1973, Copenhagen Describes self as: Anticipating, stubborn, spontaneous, sarcastic, talkative, silly, squeaky "The minute you wake up, it's there. That feeling in your stomach...Like, it's noon and you wanna go on stage and get going, but you got nine hours of sweaty palms ahead of you" Lars Ulrich

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Born: November 18, 1962, San Francisco Marital status: Happily married to Lani on January 31 1998 in Hawaii. one son named Angel Ray Keala Hammett (born in 2006) Instrument: Guitar, background vocals Vitals: Brown eyes, brown hair, 5´8"/1.75 meters tall Drinks: Martinis, Sky Vodka, green tea Eats: Sushi, Mexican food, pasta, Indian food, Thai food Sports teams: None ("I hate sports!") Before Metallica: Played in Exodus, drank a lot Likes: Mountain biking, tattoos, piercing, collecting old horror-movie stuff, cigars, philosophy, H.P. Lovecraft, Taxidermy, Pinball, surfing, has two dogs Darla and Hoku, plus cats, Kirk has been surfing for three years Listens to/listened to: Jimi Hendrix, UFO, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple. Led Zeppelin, Kiss, John Coltrane, Government Mule, Chet Baker, Prez Prado, Alice In Chains, David Bowie, U2, King Crimson, Robert Johnson, Radiohead Kirk on other bands (added 11th Aug, 2006) - Kirk recently did an interview with AOL Music. He said: I really like this absurd band called Dragonforce. Those are the fastest guitar players I think I've ever seen. They're like Yngwie [Malmsteen] on steroids. No, they're like Barry Bonds on guitar. It's amazing. I saw one video and I swear to God the guy must've played 75,000 notes... I like MUSE, MARS VOLTA, TRIVIUM, THE SWORD. I think WOLFMOTHER is fun. THE BLACK KEYS. And I've been listening to HANK WILLIAMS, because you've just got to. It's as heavy as ROBERT JOHNSON or BOB DYLAN. He also note the last concert he saw, "must've been our own show on YouTube. I was watching our Moscow show from 1991 and thinking, 'Damn, we were good that night. What happened?' Heroes: Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Jimi Hendrix, Chet Baker, Diane Arbus, John Coltrane, Charles Bukowski, Edward Munch, Joel Peter Whitkin First concert: Day on the Green with the Eagles, Steve Miller, Heart, and Foreigner Describes self as: Smelly, ugly, happy, obsessive, progressive, curious

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Birth date: October 23rd, 1964 Birthplace: Santa Monica, CA Job: Bass/Super Samurai Whiskey Warlord Instrument: Bass, Background Vocals Vitals: Brown eyes, dark hair, 5'9"/1.75 meters tall Equipment: Tobias / MTD, Music Man, Fernandez, Ampeg SVT III, Hi Watt, Dean Markley Strings Previous Bands: Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Jerry Cantrell, Ozzy Osbourne Hobbies: Surfing, snowboarding, learning the Metallica catalog Influences: Parliament, Geezer Butler, anything funky Additional Bits of Info: Rob toured with Metallica numerous times in the early 90s as the bass player of Suicidal Tendencies. Little did he know that, less than 10 years later, he'd be taking the bass playing duties of the band he used to play under.


History Metallica was started by Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield There first album Kill ’Em All was released in 1983 and blew everyone away with its in your face thrash metal. becoming and instant hit because the genre was so different. There second album Ride The Lighting released in 1984 was slightly different to Kill ‘Em All with slow songs and fast songs another classic album was born. the band was amazed by there succession so far. 1986 Master Of Puppets the metallica album that turned them from an underground band into a band who could go out and perform at arenas for thousands and thousands of fans. This album is still one of the greatest albums of all time Metallica had made it big. at the leg of the damaged justice tour on there way to a gig the band drew cards to see what bed they would sleep in Cliff Burton the original bassist for Metallica won and chose his bunk. At about 7am the bus supposedly skidded on black ice. Cliff was frown out of the window and then crushed by the bus at his funeral the song Orion from master of puppets was played in honour of him.


History 1988 …And Justice For All was released the band continued with there tours and with a new bassist Jason Newsted . 1991 the album Metallica or as sum refer to as the black album was released. Pushing Metallica’s success to way new heights debuting at number 1 across the world and selling millions in the first day of release there must successful album yet there most well known and making it into many critics essential albums list This is when Metallica ruled the world and everybody knew metallica and loved then. 1996 load 1997 reload and 1998 garage inc witch featured covers of other bands that inspired them with songs like Tuesday's gone and stone cold crazy . 1999 Metallica did a concert with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra the concert was entitled S & M. after that the band tour until Jason Left. The search for a new bassist was on. 2003 Robert joined the band as the new bassist 2004 St anger was release along with the stunning Rockumentary Film some kind of monster. the band continue touring 2008 death magnetic album. The start of world magnetic tour still going.


History 2009 the release of guitar hero Metallica with expert + a drumming mode were you need two bass pedals for your guitar hero drum kid and play just like Lars also featuring over 20 Metallica songs like Master Of Puppets Welcome Home (Sanitarium) For Whom The Bell Tolls Wherever I May Roam Dyers Eve Battery Fuel King Nothing The Shortest Straw And as DLC you can download the entire Death Magnetic album. 2010 Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and MegaDeath share a stage for a night which made metal history the concert was named The Big 4. Now Metallica are still touring and maybe working on a new album.


Videos Enter Sandman (Live) One Harvester Of Sorrow (Live)

Enter Sandman (Live):

Enter Sandman (Live) Metallica – Enter Sandman (Live) in Moscow played to over 100.000 people.


One Metallica’s first video with scenes taken from the film Johnny Got His Gun – it won the Best Music Video Award! And best metal performance.

Harvester Of Sorrow (Live):

Harvester Of Sorrow (Live) Metallica – Harvester Of Sorrow (Live) from Nimes There Best Live Performance of this song.





Kill ‘Em All:

Kill ‘Em All 1. Hit The Lights 2. The Four Horsemen 3. Motorbreath 4. Jump In The Fire 5. (Anaesthesia) Pulling Teath 6. Whiplash 7. Phantom Lord 8. No Remorse 9. Seek & Destroy 10. Metal Militia

Ride The Lightning :

Ride The Lightning 1. Fight Fire With Fire 2. Ride The Lightning 3. For Whom The Bell Tolls 4. Fade To Black 5. Trapped Under Ice 6. Escape 7. Creeping Death 8. The Call Of Ktulu

Master Of Puppets:

Master Of Puppets 1. Battery 2. Master Of Puppets 3. The Thing That Should Not Be 4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 5. Disposable Heroes 6. Leper Messiah 7. Orion 8. Damage Inc .

The $5.98 EP Garage Days Re-Revisited:

The $5.98 EP Garage Days Re-Revisited 1. Helpless 2. The Small Hours 3. The Wait 4. Crash Course in Brain Surgery 5. Last Caress"/"Green Hell

…And Justice For All:

…And Justice For All 1. Blackened 2. ... And Justice For All 3. Eye Of The Beholder 4. One 5. The Shortest Straw 6. Harvester Of Sorrow 7. The Frayed Ends Of Sanity 8. To Live Is To Die 9. Dyers Eve

Metallica (Black Album):

Metallica (Black Album) 1. Enter Sandman 2. Sad But True 3. Holier Than Thou 4. The Unforgiven 5. Wherever I May Roam 6. Don't Tread on Me 7. Through the Never 8. Nothing Else Matters 9. Of Wolf and Man 10. God That Failed 11. My Friend of Misery 12. Struggle Within


Load 1. Ain't My Bitch 2. 2 X 4 3. House Jack Built 4. Until It Sleeps 5. King Nothing 6. Hero of the Day 7. Bleeding Me 8. Cure 9. Poor Twisted Me 10. Wasting My Hate 11. Mama Said 12. Thorn Within 13. Ronnie 14. Outlaw Torn


Reload 1. Fuel 2. The Memory Remains 3. Devil's Dance 4 The Unforgiven II 5. Better Than You 6. Slither 7. Carpe Diem Baby 8. Bad Seed 9. Where the Wild Things Are 10. Prince Charming 11. Low Man's Lyric 12. Attitude 13. Fixxxer

Garage Inc:

Garage Inc Disc: 1 1. Free Speech for the Dumb 2. It's Electric 3. Sabbra Cadabra 4. Turn the Page 5. Die, Die My Darling 6. Loverman 7. Mercyful Fate 8. Astronomy 9. Whiskey in the Jar 10. Tuesday's Gone 11. More I See Disc: 2 1. Helpless 2. Small Hours 3. The Wait 4. Crash Course in Brain Surgery 5. Last Caress/Green Hell 6. Am I Evil? 7. Blitzkrieg 8. Breadfan 9. Prince 10. Stone Cold Crazy 11. So What 12. Killing Time 13. Overkill 14. Damage Case 15. Stone Dead Forever 16. Too Late Too Late

S & M:

S & M Disc: 1 1. Ecstasy of Gold 2. The Call of Ktulu 3. Master of Puppets 4. Of Wolf and Man 5. Thing That Should Not Be 6. Fuel 7. The Memory Remains 8. No Leaf Clover 9. Hero of the Day 10. Devil's Dance 11. Bleeding Me Disc: 2 1. Nothing Else Matters 2. Until It Sleeps 3. For Whom the Bell Tolls 4. Human 5. Wherever I May Roam 6. Outlaw Torn 7. Sad But True 8. One 9. Enter Sandman 10. Battery

S & M info:

S & M info In 1999 Metallica did a concert with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and Formed the once in a life time S & M. The concert featured a lot of there old and new songs but with a twist Metallica and the SFSO worked together to combined the Metallica songs with a epic classical twist. Was made into a 2cd and a 2dvd

St Anger:

St Anger 1. Frantic 2. St. Anger 3. Some Kind Of Monster 4. Dirty Window 5. Invisible Kid 6. My World 7. Shoot Me Again 8. Sweet Amber 9. The Unnamed Feeling 10. Purify 11. All Within My Hands

Death Magnetic:

Death Magnetic 1. That Was Just Your Life 2. End of the Line 3. Broken, Beat & Scarred 4. The Day That Never Comes 5. All Nightmare Long 6. Cyanide 7. The Unforgiven III 8. Judas Kiss 9. Suicide & Redemption 10. My Apocalypse

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