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Thank you for viewing our video. Please contact us anytime for a free consultation at or for further information please visit our website Take Action Now, contact us today. Your Vision. Our Guidance. Your Success.

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Your Vision. Our Guidance. Your Success For New Business Owners or Entrepreneurs

You have a divine right to abundance, and if you are anything less than a millionaire, you haven't had your fair share.“ - Stuart Wilde : 

You have a divine right to abundance, and if you are anything less than a millionaire, you haven't had your fair share.“ - Stuart Wilde The following is a list of services that Truino Business Solutions offers:   Decide on a Business Structure Choose and Register a Business Name Develop a Business Plan Develop a Marketing Plan Create a Financial Plan Develop an Operating Plan Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Do you want to Be Your Own Boss, start your own business? Dream it. Plan it. Achieve it.

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Planning for your Business Decide on a Business Structure A decision that all business owners must make is what form or structure their business will have. Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Incorporation Choose and Register a Business Name Your business name should clearly reflect your target market and reach your target audience. You also want your name to stand out in front of your customers and prospects. Develop a Business Plan A business plan is a document that outlines exactly what your company will do and how it will succeed. It clearly defines your business idea and explores your market potential, business opportunities, growth strategies, financial requirements and management. It also identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The Executive Summary Business Overview Products and Services Market Entry and Rationale Sales and Marketing Strategy Economic Impact Financial Strategy Sales Projections Operating Strategy Organizational Strategy Conclusion

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Planning for your Business Develop a Marketing Plan A marketing plan is a written document to assess clients’ needs, develop a product or service to meet their needs, an analysis of the current marketplace and how a business intends to implement their marketing strategy to ensure that the company makes a profit. The plan defines the four p's: Price, Product, Place (distribution), and Promotion to give you focus, objectives and goals. Create a Financial Plan The financial plan will give you an idea of whether or not your business is a viable operation and gives you an indication whether the business operation will make money or lose money. This section of the business plan consists of three financial statements, the income statement, the cash flow projection and the balance sheet. The financial section should outline: The amount necessary to start or maintain the business The amount needed over the next two, three, and even five years Plans to use funds Anticipated need for additional funding Ongoing business expenses, including salaries, insurance costs, promotional expenses, etc. Develop an Operating Plan The operating plan section describes the fundamentals being the core business operations; the physical necessities of your business' operation.

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Planning for your Business Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Every business needs accounting and bookkeeping services to keep accurate financial records. The importance of this is to have up to date and accurate financial records. We can determine profits, trends, operating budgets and give a concise view of the condition of your business.

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Your Vision. Our Guidance. Your Success Thank you for your time. Please contact us for your free consultation. Join us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Linkedin

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