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Mobile Technology: 

Mobile Technology Use of iPads in the classroom

What is mobile technology?: 

What is mobile technology? It is any device that can be carried with you to perform a variety of tasks. Examples: iPads Laptop computers Cellular phones & smart phones GPS devices E-readers

What is an iPad?: 

What is an iPad? It is a tablet computer developed by Apple. It is controlled by a touchscreen interface instead of a keyboard.

Popular uses of iPads: 

Popular uses of iPads Surf the internet E-reader C amera Mobile gamer Videoconferencing GPS Movies Recipe book Educational apps

Why use iPads in the classroom?: 

Why use iPads in the classroom? Children need to be able to use, interact, and create with technology in today’s world. iPads have a wide range of educational apps, creative tools, and interactive textbooks. It can be easily adapted for diverse learners.

Uses in the Classroom: 

Uses in the Classroom Paint and Draw Read-along stories Make music Stream videos for lessons i-Prompt Puppet Pals

Uses in the classroom (continued): 

Uses in the classroom (continued) K-12 Timed Reading Practice Use “Hinge” question assessment Take or Record classroom notes Finger Count Create and Collaborate on Google Docs

Uses in the classroom (continued): 

Uses in the classroom (continued) Create Digital Stories Math practice Link your iPad to the Whiteboard Tangram App

Pros of using iPads in the classroom: 

Pros of using iPads in the classroom Students love them. Good battery life Abundant apps E-textbook platform User friendly to students with disabilities Lightweight and portable Easy to use

Cons of using iPads in the classroom: 

Cons of using iPads in the classroom Expensive Doesn’t support flash No USB port Typing is sometimes frustrating. Lack of multi-tasking


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