Master’s of Logistics and Supply Chain Managemen

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Master’s of Logistics and Supply Chain Management :

Master’s of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Georgia College and State University

Problem Statement :

Problem Statement The master’s of logistics and supply chain management program must increase future employment opportunities for students after graduation and increase graduation standards. These variables will increase enrollment rates and overall brand appeal. Properly identifying and solving the problem statement is crucial to the overall success of the marketing plan and logistic’s program as a whole.

Market Segmentation:

Market Segmentation Existing: Business professionals Recent in-state undergraduates Potential Robins Air Force Base personnel International students and business professionals Recent out-of-state undergraduates

Industry Assessment:

Industry Assessment Average salary increases from $40,000 to $75,000 Higher ranking officials require master’s degree Substantial growth in logistics field Larger focus in public companies I.e. (Wal-Mart, Kroger) Prime marketing strategy I.e. (UPS)


Competition Top 5 Supply Chain/Logistics Graduate Degree’s MIT Michigan State Penn State Offered entirely online Ohio State Stanford

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis Strengths : Low Tuition Rates Oldest MLSCM Program in State Direct Connection to Warner Robins Air Force Base Weaknesses: No Top Rankings Program Not Offered on Milledgeville Campus Low Awareness Vulnerable to Competitive Pressures

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis Opportunities: Media Outlets I.e. (Social Media and Local News Stations) Potentially Allow Program on Milledgeville Campus Would create easier access for potential undergraduate students Add Fully Online Logistics Program Threats: Slow Student Growth Increased Competition from Higher Ranking Programs Flexibility


Price Current Graduate Program – $4,483 per semester (Full Couse Load) MIT Master’s of Supply Chain Management – Roughly $60,000 per year. Georgia College MLSCM can stay competitive with pricing.


Place Versatility of Program Core Requirements Linear Upper Level Classes chosen between Logistics and Supply Chain Management Classes may be taken in Macon or Warner Robins (Upper Level) Allows for direct link between Air Force base employees and future applicants.


Product Increased Curriculum Standards Program intended to enable students to gain degree while working full time Online Vs. On Campus Easier for business professionals to complete if online. Hands-On Training


Promotions Advertisement structure needs to be implemented Social Media Television Ads Online Marketing


Conclusions Logistics more important now than in the past. Academic curriculum must be recognized by scholarly articles to increase enrollment. Increased promotions and advertisements are crucial to long term success. Adaptive nature is needed to thrive .

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