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Troy Van Sickle has quite the posse around him. A father of five, Van Sickle devotes his time to his children and their welfare. He works hard to give them opportunities he didn’t have


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What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur:

What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur Troy Van Sickle


Troy Van Sickle created his own business after he discovered he had a hot hand when it came to investing in real estate. He hit big on what many considered a risky call shortly after his career as a truck driver ended. Other investors and business owners noticed and wanted him to consult with them to help them make the best calls possible when it came to real estate investment. Above all, Van Sickle has kept these three principles for all entrepreneurs in mind:

A Vision For the Future:

A Vision F or the F uture All successful entrepreneurs know how they plan to succeed and drive the market with their product or service. If they don’t have a clear vision for how they plan to reach their goals, they’re lost without a rudder, and investors and employees can tell

A unique product or service:

A unique product or service Troy Van Sickle tells his clients as a business and investment consultant that they can have all the positive, forward-thinking mindsets they want, but if they don’t have something to sell, they won’t be successful. Troy Van Sickle sticks to his immense knowledge of local real estate and the businesses they affect to bring in new clients and help them achieve better results

Preparation for failure:

Preparation for failure It’s not just about saving up to bail a business out of trouble when it runs out of capital, it’s about having a mindset to never give up, no matter how many failures and obstacles the entrepreneur runs into. Most businesses don’t make a profit in their first year. Successful entrepreneurs have a fighter’s mentality of never being down .


Troy Van Sickle lives and works in Palm Springs, California .

To Know More About Troy Van Sickle Visit::

To Know More About Troy Van Sickle Visit: https :// / /

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