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What ACT Does…:

What ACT Does… ACT Members encourage colleagues and students to join the organization In turn, new members promote the credential to their colleagues and the cycle continues.

What ACT Could be Doing…:

What ACT Could be Doing…

Credentialing and the Role of Lateral Professional Organizations:

Credentialing and the Role of Lateral Professional Organizations ACT could lobby insurance companies for higher reimbursement rates for ACT Diplomates. Insurance companies could add ACT members to their lists of preferred mental health care providers. Higher reimbursement rates and preference for ACT Diplomates would encourage more peers to seek out the credential.

Consumers, Peers, and ACT:

Consumers, Peers, and ACT Through its website and marketing materials, ACT could become the premier resource on CBT for consumers. Consumers recognize the need to see an ACT certified therapist. Peers respond to consumer demand for ACT certification and apply for membership.

Bringing it all together…:

Bringing it all together…

How can ACT reach Consumers? :

How can ACT reach Consumers? Maintain a website, replete with reassuring testimonials (success stories), consumer-friendly articles written by leading experts, engaging images Professionally designed informational pamphlets Educational workshops hosted by ACT members Other Strategies?

Improve Peer-to-Peer Recruitment:

Improve Peer-to-Peer Recruitment Host networking opportunities Form regional chapters Any suggestions?

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