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Duvet Business:

Duvet Business


Who we are John Doe Jane Doe Co-Founder MBA, BFA [claim to fame] Co-Founder MBA, BFA [claim to fame]


Duvet Business is a global provider of customized designs for your bedding needs


We believe we are creating a unique product that allows you to tune your room to your personality


Transforming the intangible to tangible Our Mission


Health Consciousness Personal Expression Small Luxuries 2014 2015 2016 Market trends are in our favor 2014 2015 2016 2014 2015 2016


Repeat Order Rate Active Customers Annual Revenue Our results: rapid adoption, growth and profitability Financial analysis from


“When I go to sleep each night I feel truly at peace, all wrapped up in a duvet that I designed.” - Loyal Customer

Our Business:

Our Business


Platform The place to find the comfort of your dreams Buyer Looks for unique products for their home Delivery Creativity in your home Our business model is unique Images from Product Creativity in their hands


Our customers are clearly defined Cool moms Looking for an original gift for her children. Young adults with good taste Finally able to pay their own rent, the young adult will want to customize everything! Airbnb home owners Wanting to provide a state of the art environment to their customers. 35 $22,128 Avg. Age Avg. Disposable income 29 $16,427 27 $19,612


Our channels are optimized Email 40% Paid search 10% Organic search 50%


2014 2015 2016 And customers keep coming back 1.4M 1.1M 830K


“I searched high and low for the perfect duvet… and finally found it by designing my own at Duvet Business. Beyond satisfied!” - Satisfied Customer


The Path Forward


We are just getting started Images from Country Expansion U.K. China Brazil Product Expansion Duvets Accessories Interior Design Customer Experience We will ask you questions to tailor your search


Product expansion: providing our customers with… Duvets Accessories Interior design Our business model is scalable: We let our customers’ imagination run free


Enhancing the customer experience Images and mockups from and Differentiated experiences for different people

Our Financials:

Our Financials


We are experiencing consistent revenue growth trends


And our EBITDA margins are very healthy 2014 2016 10% 18%


Which ultimately drives long term value creation 2016 100% 67% 14% 22% 24% 18% 7% * Financial model from Revenue Gross Profit Marketing Product development General and Administrative Adjusted EBITDA EBIT Long Term Model* 100% 50% - 52% 15% - 16% 15% - 17% 9% - 11% 18% - 21% 7% - 10% Historical 2014 100% 62% 15% 20% 29% 10% (2)% 2015 100% 65% 14% 21% 25% 16% 5%


“I truly feel at home when I enter my room and my duvet reminds me of who I am.” - Satisfied customer

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