Route Map To Planning And Designing Access Control

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Route Map To Planning And Designing Access Control

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While you might have already understood the several advantages of card access security system here is a route map to planning and designing one for your company premises.

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Keeping your assets and facilities safe and secure is the prime consideration for the success of your business. You must first figure out your security needs and the vulnerabilities typical to your setting. Find out the access points that have to be secured including doors parking places gates stockrooms server rooms and others. Decide if you need to integrate video surveillance and alarm monitoring with the card access system. Finalize the access criteria and decide if the employees will have different levels of access depending on their roles. Take steps to protect the sensitive data. Ascertain in consultation with your team if visitors and contractors need to be identified. Study your security needs and vulnerabilities

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The implementation of access control system in your premises will ultimately depend on the budget you can allot for the purpose. If you do not have enough budget for the security go for a standalone control which will work out cheaper. If your organization is big with large availability of funds and when you have large number of employees it is good to go for network access control that will facilitate a layered security. In this case think of the type of access cards you will implement. You can work with the options of magnetic cards and proximity cards in addition to smart cards or tokens. You can also think of bio-metric readers. This can be the most expensive one for your access control system. Work with the budget

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Planning and designing access control system is a tricky job and must be done with perfect coordination with the various departments. Whether you go for a standalone or network system you must get the assistance of IT professionals who will have to program the door units. Never overlook the importance of information security which will need access control most importantly. Any access control system will work best only when the employees are given some policies and procedures to follow . You need to therefore work with the departments like HR legal and security for the success of your mission. Above all it is important to identify the best card access Austin system Installation Company that can provide you the best solution and support. Coordinate with the different departments

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