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At chocolate factory in Reykjavík, you’ll get an introduction to the craft of making chocolate from the cocoa pod all the way to a chocolate bar. You will discover the process behind bean to bar chocolate making and taste the very best chocolate you could have.


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Best Chocolate Factory Tour The tour is great for all chocolate lovers and those that enjoy a chocolate tasting. This tour includes an introduction into the process of making chocolate starting from the cocoa pod and all the way to a chocolate bar. You can also taste all of the chocolates in this tour because its also an important part of the tour. The delicious and amazing tour ends in the Factory Shop where you can buy delicious Omnom chocolate directly from the Omnom factory. Tour Highlights Chocolate Factory Tour Tasting of Omnom Chocolate Omnom Factory Shop Contact Us Trip Guide Iceland Sundborg 1 104 Reykjavik Iceland +354-519-35003

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